Theme Thursday: Metal Memes

Who doesn’t like funny pictures, especially when they’re about metal.  If you follow our humble little blog on Facebook you have probably seen them pop up on a semi-regular basis and they will continue to pop up as I keep stumbling on them.  For those who don’t follow us on the Facebook, here’s a gallery of silly metal memes I’ve collected in recent times.  Enjoy, have a laugh, and if you know of a silly meme about metal not posted here post it down in the comments.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

PS. A couple in the gallery aren’t metal related due to my greasy fingers when adding them.  I don’t feel like waiting for the whole thing to upload again, so have a laugh at a couple of non metal memes.

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  1. Hahahahaha! The one about the groupie and the Nickelback review are the best :D

  2. Really funny! “Isolated the Gene responsible for teen pregnancy” :-D. The Pantera one is also great or “Fingering a minor” (Sorry, but black humor rules). I don’t understand all of them but I definitely suggest that Weird Al Yankovic does a One-Cover with these lyrics.

    Don’t I look sey as hellllllllllll ! ;-)

  3. I am the Table! I don’t think that will ever ever get old. Awesome theme!

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