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Roundtable Review: Slab City by Steak

DAX112XT.pdfAlbum: Slab City

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: Sept. 5th, 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 48:07

Genre: Desert Rock

Studio Albums: Disastronaught (2012), Corned Beef Colossus E.P. (2013)

Location: London, U.K.

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Album Review: Chainfist – Scarred

PromoImageFor Fans of:  Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Big Four Influenced

Record Label:  Mighty Music

Release date:  6 Oct 2014

Genre:  Thrash / Hard Rock

Nationality:  Denmark

Songs:  11

Length:  50 Minutes

Albums:  Black Out Sunday (2010). Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Clearing the Path to Ascend by YOB

Yob-Clearing-The-Path-To-Ascend-CoverStepping out of the office doors a surprisingly gentle breeze on a twilit summer city evening greets me.  I glance down at my watch and see I have a bit over an hour to occupy before I have to meet my wife at the train station.  She has been gone a few days on business, so I miss her quite a bit as we are rarely apart for so long.  Noticing that the city is rather empty I take the opportunity to make a slow peruse towards my destination to take in some of the finer details of Milan’s center which are usually covered with businessmen, fashion models, and tourists.  I make my way to the marble monolith which marks the epicenter of the city as I dig around in my pockets for my earphones.  Of course I will need a soundtrack for this little excursion.  Flipping through the selections I have on my phone I realize I have my yet to be listened to copy of the new YOB record sitting on there.  That should be perfect; atmospheric, shamanistic, and introspective. Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Review: Rise of the Northstar – Welcame

WELCAMEartLabel:  Repression Records

Release Date:  22 Sep 2014

Songs:   11

Length:  50 Minutes

Genre:  Hardcore/Thrash

Studio Albums:   This is their debut album

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(Retro) Roundtable Review: Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today

Suicidal_Tendencies-How_Will_I_Laugh_TomorrowLabel:  Sony Music Entertainment

Release Date:  1 Sep 1988

Songs:   11

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash/Punk/Skater

Studio Albums:   12 studio albums.  This one is their 3rd.

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Machinae Supremacy – Phantom Shadow

MachinaeSupremacy-PhantomShadowLabel:  Spinefarm Records

Release Date:  25 Aug 2014 Rest of the World

Songs:   16

Length:  67 Minutes

Genre:  Videogame Inspired Metal (SID Metal)

Studio Albums:   This is their sixth studio album

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Roundtable Review: Down Royale – Sway

Down Royale_Album Art_03_RGB_1600x1600Label:  N/A

Release Date:  29 June 14

Songs:   11

Length:  46 Minutes

Genre:  Groove / Metalcore

Studio Albums:   This is their debut album.

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Roundtable Review: Kobra and the Lotus – High Priestess

katl_HighPriestessCoverLabel:  Titan

Release Date:  24 Jun 2014

Songs:   10

Length:  45 Minutes

Genre:  Just Heavy Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their 3rd studio album

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Album Review: DragonForce – Maximum Overload

df-maximum-overload-cover600-300x300Label:  Metal Blade (North America)

Songs:  15 on the special edition

Length – 71 minutes on the special edition

Albums:  This is their sixth studio album

Release Date:  19 Aug 2014 (North America), 18 Aug 2014 (Europe)

Nationality – United Kingdom

If there is one thing you can count on with DragonForce, it’s their speed and enthusiasm blended into fantasy-based power metal with a hint of geeky gamer musical references.  Is that one thing or multiple things?  Anyway, what does that mean for the new album?  In short, more of the same, but there are some subtle differences on “Maximum Overload” that might reel you back in if you thought their previous album, “The Power Within (2012),” signaled the beginning of the end due to the introduction of a new vocalist and extreme consistency. Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Code Orange – I Am King

iamking (1)


Release Date: September 2nd, 2014

Length: 33 minutes, 11 tracks

Label: Deathwish Inc.

Genre: Hardcore/sludge

Previous releases: Two EP’s and debut Love Is Love/Return To Dust, 2012 (under the name Code Orange Kids)



Welcome into the gruesome and sinister world of Code Orange, where hearts are uncomfortably racing and minds quickly become miserably disoriented. If you are easily frightened and don’t enjoy the sensation of suffocation and mental torture, don’t press play; turn around slowly and take your leave.

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