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Roundtable Album Review: Anathema – Distant Satellites

Anathema_coverLabel: KScope

Release Date: 10 June, 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 57 minutes

Genre: Atmospheric Metal

Studio Albums: Nine previous albums

Location: UK




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Album Review: Overkill – White Devil Armory

downloadRecord Label:  Entertainment One U.S.

Release Date:  22 July 2014

Songs:  13 (including two bonus tracks)

Length:  61 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash

Studio Albums:  Seventeen of them

Location:  New Jersey, U.S. Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

Judas-Priest-Redeemer-of-SoulsRecord Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Release Date: 8 July 2014

Songs:  18 (on deluxe edition)

Length: 84 minutes (deluxe edition)

Style:  It’s Judas Priest

Albums:  Seventeen

Nationality:  United Kingdom

For fans of: Metal

What is there to say about such a storied band?  Formed in the sixties and still kicking it Judas Priest style.  They sound great, that’s for sure.  I have read a few things about how “heavy” this album would be, but personally it just sounds like Judas Priest.  There are some moments heavier than others, but nothing that supersedes the high-octane of Freewheel Burning, Ram It Down, or Painkiller.  The lack of those types of songs doesn’t make Redeemer of Souls any less satisfying.  In fact, the album is quite satisfying and highly representative of what you would expect from the band.  It’s all around heavy, rhythmic, and energetic. Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Album Review: Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves

Johnny_Touch_coverLabel: Shadow Kingdom Records

Release Date: 19 August, 2014

Songs: 8

Length: 38 minutes

Genre: Heavy Metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Australia


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Album Review: Eira – Lacrimosa

lacrimosaRecord Label:  Self-Released

Release Date:  30 June 2014

Songs:  9

Length:  65 Minutes

Style:  Technical/Progressive Death Metal and in some cases…Blackened.

Albums:  This is their debut album.  EP A Death Painted Portrait in 2012

Nationality:  United States, Buffalo, NY

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Roundtable Review: Scamp – The Deadcalm

???????????????????????????????????????Label: Scarlet Records

Release Date:  June 10th, 2014

Songs:  12 tracks, 1 hour

Genre:  Groove/Thrash metal

Studio Albums: Mirror Faced Mentality, 2008

Location:  Aarhus, Denmark

For fans of: Soilwork, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Machine Head, In Flames


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Roundtable Review: Adaptation by Noctooa

a0233950795_10Label: Pesanta Urfolk

Release Date: 15 May 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 51 minutes

Genre: Dark Neoclassical Folk

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

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Retro Roundtable Review: SikTh – The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild

sikth-the_trees_are_dead___dried_out_wait_for_something_wild-front“A million minds and a million voices. A million thoughts, and only one choice, the need to find peace.”

Label: Gut Records

Release Date: August 18, 2003

Tracks: 14, 1 hour

Genre: Weird Progressive metal / Tech / Mathcore

Studio Albums: Let The Transmitting Begin EP 2002, Death of A Dead Day 2006

Location: Watford, UK


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