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What’s Cookin’ In The Inbox: 16 Apr 2014 Post #4

832mailboxIt’s been a little while since the last batch of music samples has been posted for your listening pleasure.   Now that I have had a nice break in career activities I found time to sift through a bunch of emails.  Below is an assortment of things that might interest you.  My goal, as it is most of the time, is to bring you bands that cross a broad spectrum of genres for your sampling enjoyment.  As always we give thanks to those that reach out to us.  Thank you for thinking of us.  Enjoy this edition of What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox.

Band:  Vie Jester

From:  Los Angeles, CA

Social Media:  facebook 

Other:  Website 

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Retro Roundtable Review: Sepultura – Chaos A.D.

download (1)Release Date:  1993

Songs:   13

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash

Studio Albums:  A lot

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Video Of The Week: Brutai – Flood

Smooth, groovy and edgy; here’s the video for the track  ‘Flood’ written and performed by the very promising upcoming band Brutai. Works well to brighten up a rainy day like this one!

The video was made by a group of young students at The Brit School in London. Brutai’s EP can be found here.

Roundtable Album Review: Shredhammer – Beyond Your Reach (Demo)

Shredhammer_CoverLabel: Self-released

Release Date: 18 January, 2014

Songs: 4

Length: 19 minutes

Genre: Thrash/groove

Studio Albums: This is their debut release

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Roundtable Review: Ceremonial – Ars Magicka (EP)

Ceremonial coverLabel: Blood Harvest

Release Date: 31 March 2014

Songs: 4

Length: 14 minutes

Genre: Black Metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Chile

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Roundtable Review: Shroud of the Heretic – Revelations in Alchemy

Shroud of the Heretic CoverLabel: Blood Harvest Records

Release Date: 10 March 2014

Songs: 7

Length: 42 minutes

Genre: Occult death/doom

Studio Albums: Boiled to Death (EP, 2012)

Location: Portland, USA 

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Vandenberg’s Moonkings bring freshness to hard rock

Vandenberg’s Moonkings, from the Netherlands, are like a breath of fresh air in hard rock, the closest cousin of metal. Their debut album is due out in just over a week.

Adrian Vandenberg used to be the guitarist for Whitesnake, one of the monster bands of hard rock. The other members of his Moonkings are Jan Hoving (vocals), Sem Christoffel (bass) and Mart Nijen Es (drums). They appear set to be one of the most polished and musical hard rock bands in the business.

“Breathing” is one of the songs on Vandenberg’s Moonkings.


Song Of The Week: Centiment – Bloodshot

Release the booze hounds

I like to drink mother fucker, yeah it’s my favourite thing to do. 
And when I wake up hungover the cabinet is the first place that I go to. 
People all around me bitching, they say that I have a problem. 
I order me a double & another so fuck them. 

They used to say that I was a party animal but now they say that I am a drunk. 
Alcohol consuming alcohol until it becomes its own cannibal. 

My kinda fun well it isn’t too healthy but I always like to have too much fun. 
Growing old it seems kinda hairy & hairy it kinda scares me. 
Bloodshot eyes they will not disguise. 

Take my money mother fucker. 
Just take my money you wanker. 
Take it, take it all. 
And I will make you rich. 

They used to say “That kid yeah he’ll go a long way.” 
But now they say that I have washed it all away. 
(What a cost to pay.) 

I’ll hide my pain away from you. 
I’ll keep it a secret if you force me to. 
What you all call a disease, I choose to call necessity. 
Please drink responsibly they say, sure thing, consistently every day. 
Recommended daily allowance. 
Pretending & failing compliance. 

Blacking out in a strange place. 
Waking in doubt, another shamed waste. 
Déjà vu. 
Alcoholic animosity. 
I hate you. 
Savage chronic constant curiosity. 

I don’t know who I am anymore. 
What have I become? 
What have I done? 

Cut it out.

Themed Thursday: Cardio Workout Playlist (2014)

heavy-metal-bench-shirtIt’s that time of year where (some) people make their New Year’s resolutions (about a month ago, anyway).  Personally, I opted out of the resolution business because they make me feel like an ass.  Like, if I said I was going to love my wife more, does that mean I didn’t love her much in the previous year?  If I said I was going to lose weight and didn’t, does that make me a failure?  So, I pretty much stopped making resolutions because why “start” something on 1 Jan when I can make decisions any day of the week?  Nevertheless, my personal feelings on New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t stop you from making them.  And, if you decide to exercise a little more in 2014, I would like to help you out by making a rootin’ tootin’ helluva cardio playlist that “should” keep you motivated for at least 30-40 minutes.  I road-tested this playlist myself, so if you need something hard-hitting to keep you motivated, check out this set of songs.  This list works best for cardio workouts.  So, if you are a power-lifter it may not help much. Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Review: Dzyen – EP

a0975414611_10Label: Self-released

Release Date: 11 January 2014

Tracks: 5

Length: 26 minutes

Genre: Tech metal/prog/alternative metal

Location: UK

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