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Mik’s Top 16 Albums of 2014 (Part 1)


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A gift from Incendia Music: Pay-what-you-want compilation


13 tracks of the best unsigned and up and coming talent around at the moment in the world of rock and heavy metal. Whether you’re into your rock, prog, tech metal or electronic 80’s progressive metal… there’ll be something here that tickles your fancy! And did we mention….. it’s FREE! Happy Christmas from Incendia Music


Matt’s Top 15 Albums of 2014!!!

tumblr_static_cm4blpgifnwo8wokk0wo4scscIt’s that time of year again for arbitrary lists of really great albums that were released since the last time I did one of these things.  Contributing to my absolute burnout of writing about kick ass metal bands, I can not think of another year where there were just so damn many stellar records released.  I simply had to say fuck it, step back, and enjoy the great stuff I already had.  Sure, I missed out on some great stuff, but on the other hand, all killer no filler.  To try to make up for the insane amount of great albums this year I’ve expanded my usual 10 to 15 and will have an honorable mentions post sometime in the near future.  I hope you find yourself something cool to listen to with this list or at least nod in agreement with some of my picks.  Thanks for reading, sticking with AMSOM, and being awesome and stuff.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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New Video: Check This Out – The Hell

This is the sort of Christmas music they should play in stores. It would chase the masses of Elton John fans out and leave the aisles uncluttered for ‘core and metal lovers.

If it doesn’t sound totally like Christmas music to you, then you probably don’t know that The Hell are currently doing their Shitmare Before Christmas tour in the UK. You’ll find tour venues and dates on their Facebook page. The page should also tell you that the band members are “shouty, sweary, snotty, lairy, bandanna-clad punks,” so clearly they are not the most pretentious guys from Watford, England.

I mentioned Elton John because he used to own Watford Football Club. The Hell’s hardcore may not be right up his street, but even he would have to agree that this song and the video really kick some arse. The British don’t kick ass, in the UK that means being cruel to a donkey.

The song is taken from The Hell’s album “Groovehammer”. You don’t have to be a hardcore fanatic to want it.



New Video and Single: Ophidian I – Whence They Came

To keep the interest in their forthcoming second album at a nice bubbling temperature, the Icelandic technical death band Ophidian I have a released a single which they recorded during pre-production. To go with the single they’ve also done a YouTube video with appropriately gruesome animation by Andres Montero.

Ophidian I’s debut album, “Solvet Saeclum” (2012), cemented the band’s place among the top metal outfits from Iceland and made some impact in the wider market. It was well-received by critics and congnoscenti (who are not necessarily the same people).

If you know anything about Iceland and music, that tiny island with its small population produces an amazing amount of good metal. Merely being “a top band from Iceland” is usually enough to establish a band’s credentials. All Ophidian I needs now is wider exposure to break though in the international markets. Like the pretty people in the shampoo adverts, they’re worth it.



Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2013, #10 – #6

MetalCatI haven’t referred to my list of top albums of 2013 that I posted on Metal State at the end of last year. I don’t need to because I know it’s markedly different to my current sets of year-by-year hit parades. This series has featured my favourite songs, not albums. It hasn’t included non-metal, whereas my top albums list did.

I set another condition for myself at the start of this exercise, which has been a wonderfully enjoyable game. To spread the pleasure among the artists who’ve given me so much pleasure over the years, I chose only one song per year per artist. There too I’ve been arbitrary at times. There are albums so good that just about any song would be a contender for top song by that artist.

No doubt my lists would look different if I re-did them in a year’s time. Music shapes itself to our moods.


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Hilarious Videos: Red Fang – Crows In Swine

Wasted angel
Broken halo
Wings of emerald
Empty bottles

Lost for time
Soaked in brine
Nickeled and dimed
Crows and swine

Burned out all doubt
Take back your skin
You’ve been broken
No light to fail

Lost for time
Soaked in brine
Nickeled and dimed
Crows in swine



Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2011, #12 – #9

MetalCatPart 1: “Nayh,” I hear a few of you say in strange accents, “you’re revealing your other true colours. Yesterday was all prog metal. Today it’s almost all folk metal. You’re just a Simon & Garfunkel in a dirndl that would look much better on a Vraulein with less hair on her knees.”




Laura Binder, Sarah Layssac, Masha Scream

Part 2: Have I mentioned that I love Laura <3 Binder of Dalriada?
Part 3: Have I mentioned that I love Sarah <3 Layssac of Arkan?
Part 4: Have I mentioned that I love Masha <3 Scream of Arkona?

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Comedy Metal Video: Sonata Antartika – Check In

I’ve just happened upon this band during one of my many random trawling expeditions. The band is Greek and, from their name alone, they are literally poles apart from Sonata Arctica. They play melodic death metal (of sorts) with clean vocals (i.e. no growling). The band themselves call their music comedy metal.

This song is such good fun, and the video is so enjoyably silly, that I have to share it with you beautiful people (except for WarpRider and RiffRaff, who are vewwy handsome rather than beautiful; Irmelinis makes up for that by being as beautiful as three people). Behind the frolics, however, there is some damn fine musicianship in action here. As for the vocals by Boutos, just wait until the closing bars. His range is extraordinary.

This is possibly the happpiest death metal I’ve heard. Like the band? Meet them on Facebook.


Middle Eastern Magic: Narjahanam – Hushood AlNar

NarjahanamOriental metal covers a great deal of territory, both musically and geographically. For most metal fans it remains an untapped source of excellent music.

Various Oriental metal bands play just about every kind of metal. The bands come from North Africa, the Middle East, India, South-East Asia, China and Japan. Some top-class Western bands do super Oriental metal too. What usually characterises any Oriental metal is the fusion of Western metal with ethnic musical structures, melodies, themes and/or instruments.

I’m sure I’m half Arab as well as half Jewish, half Zulu, half German, half Hindu, half Irish, half Viking, half Ginger Tabby Cat and half of other nationalities that can’t do arithmetic with fractions. Arab music in any form makes me tingle. When it’s Arab metal, I tingle with considerable vigour.

For your listening pleasure and delight, I’d like to feature many Oriental metal bands from different countries. First up is Narjahanam, from Bahrain. The flavour of their death metal is delicious.