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Roundtable Album Review: Neverworld – Visions of Another World

Neverworld CoverLabel: Dream Demon Recordings

Release Date: 21 August 2014

Songs: 9

Length: 59 minutes

Genre: Power Metal

Studio Albums: Welcome to… (EP, 2010)

Location: UK


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Johnny Wore Black – A Cut Above (Single)

artworks-000085118344-9q8op4-t200x200On the 28th of March, Johnny Wore Black released their much anticipated debut album, “Walking Underwater Part 1.” It was full of atmospheric elements combined with dark and melancholic vocals soothing to the psyche.  Click here for the review of that album.  Just five months later…that’s now in case you are counting; a new single, ‘A Cut Above’ is upon us in preparation for, as you might have guessed…”Walking Underwater Part 2.”

While continuing with an atmospheric and emotive style, ‘A Cut Above’ is more upbeat lending itself to more of a hard rock vibe.  If you thought the sophomore album would be a continuation of this year’s earlier release, ‘A Cut Above’ certainly does not intend to let us think that.  The song will also be accompanied by a “new and intriguing video.”  No doubt, it will be interesting to see what is in store for “Walking Underwater Part 2.”  For now, their is no set date for the second installment except that we can expect “later this year” (most likely October) for the new music.  Click here to follow Johnny Wore Black and check out their progress and videos they have already released.  Head over to iTunes to pre-order today!


Roundtable Review: Emptiness – Nothing But The Whole

Nothing but the coverLabel: Dark Descent Records

Release Date:  May 27th, 2014

Songs:  7

Length: 39 minutes

Genre:  Atmospheric black/Death metal

Studio Albums: Guilty To Exist 2004, Oblivion 2007, Error 2012

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1999 / #6 – #5

MetalCatAs the metal-jazz-prog hybrid on the MetalJazzProg State Of Mind team, I love it when I hit upon a band that fits into two of my Best-Of lists. Liquid Tension Experiment was one such band, highly rated in both metal and prog circles.

Dark Metal Cat loves it when any band plays Dark-anything. He strongly approves of Moonspell. When I tell him the Portuguese girl who snagged my heart for a while when I was young was a redhead, he says it doesn’t matter as long as it was very dark red.

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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1997 / #6 and #5

MetalCatOld geezers will understand. Younger metalheads may shake their heads uncomprehendingly. To me, however, that ancient thrash and heavy metal seems to sound better every year.

So does Beethoven. When I’m 119, whatever type of metal is recorded when I was a mere 104 will probably sound even better, too.



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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1996 / #4 and #3

MetalCatThe way my hit parade has sorted itself out with considerable assistance from Dark Metal Cat, it happens that today is a very proggy day. It also happens that both bands are exceptionally good at their styles of metal, ja?

So, herewith two monster bands in one post. Come to A Metal State Of Mind NOW!!! for bonus music at no extra charge.


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Song of the Week: Empty Yard Experiment – God Has His Reasons

Calling fans of Porcupine Tree and Airbag – if you like them, I believe you’ll like Empty Yard Experiment (EYE) very much too.

EYE is a multinational band that formed in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, in 2006. The line-up is Bojan Preradovic (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mehdi Gr (lead guitar), Kaveh Kashani (bass), Gorgin Asadi (keyboards) and Josh Saldanha (drums, percussion and backing vocals). They’ve opened for big-name bands including Metallica, Evanescence and Anathema.

The band can’t actually be pegged to a single genre such as post rock. That label gives some idea of “sounds like” but they have developed their own, highly evocative and emotive style.




Full Album Stream: Vile Regression – Empires

This one is a grabber. Tiny Tiny Cakey Kitten and I are in total agreement on that point. Empires, to be released on Monday (21 July), is the splendid follow-up to Vile Regression’s 2011 debut, The Pattern Evolves.

This Irish outfit plays extreme metal, but not merely for the sake of showing off their considerable technical prowess. They explore the dark end of the prog metal spectrum and enrich it with good melody lines, glittering instrumentation, varied harsh vocal styles, nicely calculated changes of pace and emotional interpretations. In short, this is a really cool album.


New Video Releases

With so much good metal coming out all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s just arrived. Here are a few new music videos for your delectation and other big words.


Channel Zero – Duisternis

This thrash-groove song is billed as “the most Belgian song that’s ever existed.” It uses French, Dutch and English lyrics. The word “duisternis” means “darkness” in English. That’s a pretty good indication of what you’ll hear in this video. It’s taken from the album Kill All Kings, which is available now.


The Kut – Mario

The all-female trio have taken this track from their forthcoming EP, Make Up. They call their music grunge, although I’d say it’s more like post grunge. The theme of the song is described thus: “The idea of Mario was about frustration, with the industry and the scene. The concept that as kids we were made a lot of promises, but the reality is that all that’s left for us is a waste land. We are the forgotten generation.”


Unisonic – Exceptional

If you want clarity on what the new wave of heavy metal is all about and why it’s more accessible to younger metal fans, this track from Unisonic’s second album, Light of Dawn, encapsulates what you need to hear. Unisonic is a supergroup consisting of  former Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, also ex-Helloween) alongside guitarist Mandy Meyer (Asia, Gotthard, Krokus), bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Kosta Zafiriou (both of Germany’s Pink Cream 69).


Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1994 / #2 and #1

It’s 1995 this week. The only reason it starts with the end of 1994 is that I cunningly posted part of 1995 instead of 1994 one day last week. How that happened can only be explained as one of the paradoxes of time travel.

1994, #2: The 3rd And The Mortal – Death Hymn

Album: Tears Laid In Earth
Country: Norway
Genre: Atmospheric Doom Metal


1994, #1: Megadeth – À Tout Le Monde

Album: Youthanasia
Country: USA
Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal