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This is a section for our metal lists, i.e. top 20 bands, top 10 albums, etc. If you have a list, post it! If you disagree with us, let us know.

Matt’s Favorite 2015 Albums… so far. In No Particular Order.

UCPFaIsAs expected, 2015 is shaping up to be yet another stellar year for us metal fans.  And with Iron Maiden, BtBaM, The Sword, Deafheaven, Avatarium, and Ghost releasing new material in the coming months, it’s only up from here.  Here’s a selection of some albums I’ve enjoyed quite a bit in the past half of the year.  Check ’em out and share what you’ve been digging on.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Mik’s favourite 2015 albums… so far. In no particular order.


Somehow it feels like it’s been a slow beginning of the year, but when I started to look over my lists of albums I’ve listened to and rated, I could gather quite a large collection of favourites. Counted 17 really good releases in 6 months, that’s not bad! Not including all of them, here’s some of my must-listens of 2015:

Bosse-De-Nage – All Fours (hipster black metal)

It’s a very clever mix of frantic black metal and chaotic post-hardcore, with a well structured, intriguing story in the lyrics, impressive drum work and everything else a good, memorable album should have.

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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2015…For Now…In No Particular Order

top-15-iphone-app-development-companies_0Throughout the year, I take all of the albums I like; the ones I think might be Top 15 quality and I put them on a list. In no particular order, they sit until a few months before the end of the year. Then, I start deciding what stays and what goes. Sometimes it’s a tough choice, sometimes I have to listen to a few things again to refresh my memory as to why they were on the list in the first place. But, there is a lot of weeding out, weeding in, and sorting. It’s actually kind of fun and I get to take a break from listening to new things for a short while.

This year, I decided to do a best of (so far) list, just to see where things are going. I haven’t done this before. There have been a small handful of albums that went over well with me and I think they will stay on my list, but overall I have to say that it is not a particularly great year in metal as far as I am concerned. The “wow” factor is just not happening all that much this year…for me. This list is in no particular order. It’s a list of albums I think have the most potential for end-year nods. We do still have a way to go though. Read the rest of this entry

Tales From Bandcamp: 5 Doom Metal Bands You Should Know About

Doom+metal+doom+metal_9cc41b_4923534I love me some doom metal.  Riffs as chewy as Dubble-Bubble, grooves that make Fat Albert look like Calista Flockhart, and more experimentation than a suburban teenager who just discovered weed and masturbation.  There’s so much to love from this genre, and yet I see that a lot of doom fans are still stuck in the Candlemass, St. Vitus, Black Sabbath days and they tend to not notice that there are a great amount of bands in the modern scene really innovating on the genre (while simultaneously keeping what’s so great about it intact).

Here’s a little list of five bands (in no particular order) which can be found on Bandcamp I feel any self-respecting doom fan should take the time to listen to.  My rules for this list were they had to have a full album to listen to on Bandcamp naturally, be relatively new, and they have to still be active.  So as much as I’d love to add Avatarium, Order of Israfel, or Alunah, they don’t quite meet my guidelines, so go check them out on your own time.  If you know of some doom bands that you want to shout out, drop a comment!  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!! Read the rest of this entry

Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 5/5


Behold the editorial staff of Metal State diligently writing articles and reviews. They are the best-trained hyperspace pigeons in space of any dimension. In this hypergraph they are all writing the same thing: “I am a figment of Mammal’s imagination.”

That makes complete sense since I am a figment of their imaginations. It’s not a figment, however, that we plane-intersecting creatures at Metal State are deeply grateful to Vince and Axl at Metal Sucks for giving us access to their lists of metal musician’s favourite albums of last year.

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Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 4/5

StatueOur hyperspace pigeon is home and he’s back to his old game of tormenting statues. He hates them because they always get in the way in mosh pits. Not only that, but statues never take a bath or shower, not even after pigeons have done what pigeons usually do to them.

The pigeon visited the strange world of Metal Sucks to thank their prime aliens, Vince and Axl, for graciously sharing their lists of metal musicians’ favourite albums of 2014. He questioned whether it was acceptable to use “graciously” and “metal” in the same sentence. We told him to ask Dave Mustaine. We don’t know how Mr. Mustaine replied, but our pigeon has some ruffled hyperfeathers. Now we have to lubricate his wings with molten iridium, the heaviest naturally occurring metal on the Periodic Table.

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Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 3/5

The coffee machine at Metal Sucks.

The coffee machine at Metal Sucks.

When the Metal State hyperspace pigeon arrived at the planet which is inhabited only by Metal Sucks, they welcomed him with two barrels of birdshot. That was such a kind gesture.

The barrels were more like 44-gallon drums. They contained birdshot in the form of plutonium pellets. It rains plutonium on the Metal Sucks planet but most of it washes away during the sulphuric acid floods. Vince and Axl at Metal Sucks spared our pigeon the effort of hunting for food. Hyperspace pigeons luuurve plutonium.

The pigeon delivered the note thanking Vince and Axl for sharing their huge lists of musicians’ favourite albums of 2014. He didn’t stay for coffee. Over there they drink it too strong even for him. They filter it though Cerenkov radiation, the blue glow that comes from the cooling water in nuclear reactors.

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Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 2/5

HellPlanetOur trained hyperspace pigeon is approaching the otherwise uninhabited planet where Vince, Axl and the Metal Sucks team have their offices. It’s the only place that’ll have them. If you think the Metal Sucks writers are sometimes outspoken about metal, you should hear them talking about the weather. Even Thor covers his ears and hides.

Our faster-than-light pigeon is carrying a note to thank Vince and Axl for letting me lift from their comprehensive lists of metal musicians’ favourite albums of 2014.

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Artists’ Top Albums of 2014: Part 1/5

Messenger1One of Metal State’s trained hyperspace pigeons has already passed Andromeda on its way to deliver a note in the exotic galaxy inhabited by Metal Sucks. The note, composed entirely in ExoMetal, reads as follows: “Many thanks, Vince and Axl, for letting Mammal dig into your veritable directory of musician’s favourite albums of next year. It looks like 2014 will be a good year for metal.”

By the way, hyperspace pigeons fly faster that the speed of light, so they arrive there before they leave here.

Metal Sucks published the top album lists of 37 metal musicians who represent a good slice of the metal spectrum, from the sweetly lyrical to “Fug, that’s brutal.”

Of those lists, 35 rank albums in order of preference and two are in no particular order. We’re listing the top albums from each of the 35 ranked lists and posting a song from each of the Number 1 albums. We’ll do that in five batches of seven lists each. Have I lost you? Of course not. Metal is more complex than most main types of music. You have to be above average intelligence to play it and/or enjoy it (Mammal’s Book of Everything, 2015).

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4-Star+ Albums of 2014: Nameless One / Marmor / Slipknot / Destroying Divinity / Starbynary

SealAnd still they come, all those beautiful albums we simply didn’t have time to review properly in 2014. A music reviewer for a European site told me they received 2,700 requests for metal album reviews during the year. Even with a battalion of reviewers it would be difficult to keep up with everything, and which metal fan would have time to read all those reviews and listen to all those albums?

I have been picking out some of the very good albums I missed. Without going into detail about any of these five, I will confidently say they all would have been worthy inclusions on my Best of 2014 list. Accordingly they all receive the Elephant Seal of Approval. By the way, his stage name is Putrid Seal of the Apocalypse.


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