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When there is time, we like to look back at some albums or artists worth talking about all over again.

(Retro) Roundtable Review: Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today

Suicidal_Tendencies-How_Will_I_Laugh_TomorrowLabel:  Sony Music Entertainment

Release Date:  1 Sep 1988

Songs:   11

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash/Punk/Skater

Studio Albums:   12 studio albums.  This one is their 3rd.

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Retro Roundtable Review: Textures – Polars

polars-4f273e55ef3b3Label: Listenable Records

Release Date:  2003

Songs:  8 tracks, 56 minutes

Genre:  Progressive metal

Studio Albums: Drawing Circles 2006, Silhouettes 2008, Dualism 2011

Location:  Tilburg, Netherlands

For fans of: Strapping Young Lad, Cynic, Meshuggah, Dark Tranquillity, Iced Earth, Gojira

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(Retro) Roundtable Review: Cradle of Filth – Midian

large2191Label:  The End Records

Release Date:  14 Nov 2000

Songs:   11

Length:  59 Minutes

Genre:  Extreme / Gothic / Symphonic / Black / Metal

Studio Albums:   They have 11 studio albums (including the 2014 remaster), Midian is their 4th.

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Retro Roundtable Review: SikTh – The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild

sikth-the_trees_are_dead___dried_out_wait_for_something_wild-front“A million minds and a million voices. A million thoughts, and only one choice, the need to find peace.”

Label: Gut Records

Release Date: August 18, 2003

Tracks: 14, 1 hour

Genre: Weird Progressive metal / Tech / Mathcore

Studio Albums: Let The Transmitting Begin EP 2002, Death of A Dead Day 2006

Location: Watford, UK


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Retro Roundtable Review: Life of Agony – Ugly

51e14F6r9eL._SY300_Label:  The All Blacks B.V.

Release Date:  9 Oct 1995

Songs:   12

Length:  54 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash / Hardcore

Studio Albums:  1993 – River Runs Red; 1997 – Soul Searching Sun; 2005 – Broken Valley

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Retro Roundtable Review: Lost Horizon – A Flame To The Ground Beneath


“Grief is nothing life should be, never bend for misery! Always standing, always searching, always free. Will is the poweeeerrr!!!”

Label: Music For Nations

Release Date:  June 24, 2003

Length: 53 minutes

Genre:  Power Metal

Studio Albums: Awakening The World, 2001

Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden

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Retro Roundtable Review: Faith No More – The Real Thing

The_Real_Thing_album_coverLabel:  Slash Records

Release Date:  June 1989

Songs:   11

Length:  56 Minutes

Genre:  Interesting Metal

Studio Albums:   6 total.  The Real Thing was their third studio album

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Retro Roundtable Review: Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine: Biomech

BiomechLabel: HevyDevy/InsideOut

Release Date:  July 21 1997

Songs:  13

Length: 74 minutes

Genre:  Unique progressive metal

Studio Albums: Too many to mention!

Location:  Canada

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Retro Roundtable Review: Sepultura – Chaos A.D.

download (1)Release Date:  1993

Songs:   13

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash

Studio Albums:  A lot

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Theme Thursday: Clutch

Summer is approaching, and I don’t know about you, when the seasons change, so does my go-to music.  In the Autumn I tend to prefer jolly folk metal, in the Winter time cold and bleak music finds itself getting a lot of play. and in Spring thrash and power metal tends to get a lot of rotation as I come out of my winter hibernation.  In the summer, I find my preferred seasonal genres rather eclectic ranging from trying to cool myself down with some Moonsorrow or embracing the heat with some blistering speed metal.  But if there’s one band that always seems to completely dominate my summer time playlists it’s one of my all time favorite bands, Clutch.

While I wouldn’t exactly call their music exactly metal (with the exception of their first 2 albums) these Maryland rockers are the perfect band to put on whether you are doing some cruising with the top down taking in the sun, grilling up some grub and kicking back with some beers and buds in your backyard, or roasting yourself on the beach.  There isn’t a summer activity occasion where Clutch won’t fit the bill.  And there is the perfect Summer treat, a Clutch live show.

Since the bands inception in the early 90s, they’ve been rocking with same lineup of Neil Fallon on vocals, Jean-Paul Gaster on drums and percussion, Dan Maines on the bass, and Tim Sult on guitar.  For 2 albums (Robot Hive/Exodus, From Beale Street to Oblivion) Clutch invited Mick Schauer to play on the Hammond electric organ as well as jam on a few live shows with them.  Their musical style could be described as Southern Appalachian Americana hard blues rock.  They take a lot of influence from American folk music, mainly the blues style akin to Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf, and add insane amounts of groove and flow to it.  The vast majority of their albums are recorded live and very little to no studio trickery such as drum triggers or computer programs like Pro-tools are used.  This gives all of their records a really home-grown feel and while not downplaying the skills and necessity of Neil Fallon and Tim Sult, the natural sound of the drums and bass (you really need to see Dan Maines live set, those Marshall stacks are f’n thundering) really give Clutch the feel they need to be the unstoppable powerhouse they are.

Here I’ll highlight all of their major studio albums.  But keep in mind that they have a ton of excellent E.P.s, live albums/DVDs, and Bside and rarity collections that are well worth hunting down.  And if you ever have the chance to see Clutch live (should not be hard, to this day they tour constantly hitting up as many spots in the States as possible) do not turn down the opportunity.  There’s a reason I’ve seen them live 13+ times (they also will never play the same set twice, so each show is completely unique).  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Grooves.

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