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A quick glance at what we are listening to during a given time period. This was formerly Song of the Day, but has changed to Song of the Week.

Song of the Week: The Seer – Abhorrence

This song is the from debut full-length album, Prologue, by a brain-blasting Australian prog death metal band from New South Wales. They released an EP with the same title in 2011. The four members of The Seer – Ryan Huthnance (vocals and guitar), Allan Swaffield (bass), Mark Van Tongeren (drums) and Daniel McInnes (guitar) – have put together a fine selection of highly melodious songs here.

No faffing around. Australians don’t usually go for that, they get down to the business at hand the way their cricket team does most of the time. If you know cricket… er, metal… no, dammit, cricket… this song will either clean bowl you or hit you for six.


Song Of The Week: Vangough – Separation

“And I’ll burn this flesh you made
But it’s just so hard to say
Digging deeper to the core

Come feel what I feel tonight
Where lost souls hide from the light
Hear the silence of my pain
Alone my heart grows dim

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Song of the Week: Arakain – Tisíckrát

It must be difficult to stay with your roots and sound modern at the same time when you’ve been making music for 32 years. One band that seems to achieve this effortlessly is Arakain, not hugely known outside their homeland of the Czech Republic although they’re recorded no fewer than 16 albums. They began as a heavy metal/thrash band in Prague. Their newest album, Adrenalinum, combines power metal and thrash in a set of songs which are overflowing with melody, great riffs, high-speed and creative drumming, as well as nice touches of modern metal. This should appeal to prog metal fans as well as the power, heavy and thrash lovers.

Song Of The Week: Wings Denied – In Search Of Sunrise

A new kick-ass single from prog metallers Wings Denied! Available for free at their Bandcamp page. I will certainly be keeping an eye and two ears out for their debut album coming out later this year!


Song of the Week – I Don’t Wanna Be Me

I came across this song today as my iTunes library was set to random.  I realized I hadn’t listened to Type O Negative in quite  a while and it was a pleasure reacquainting myself with their dark and sometimes lighthearted music.  So why not use it as the song of the week?  This song appears on the album Life is Killing Me from 2003.  Enjoy!

Song of the Week: Devil You Know – Shut It Down

Metalcore fans will have to wait until 25 April for the scheduled release of The Beauty of Destruction, the much-anticipated debut album by Devil You Know, a new metalcore supergroup . This song, “Shut It Down”, is a demo track recorded some months ago. So far it’s all we’ve heard from the new album.

Devil You Know brings together three huge names - Howard Jones, vocalist from Killswitch Engage and Blood Has Been Shed; Francesco Artusato, guitarist from All Shall Perish and The Francesco Artusato Project; and John Sankey, drummer from Devolved, Fear Factory and Divine Heresy. The line-up is completed by bassist Ryan Wombacher, from Bleeding Through, and guitarist Roy Lev-Ari.

With credentials like that, Devil You Know should produce something grand. The demo track certainly indicates as much.


Song of the Week – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

It seems like a lot of people are talking about the new Behemoth album.  No, there ARE a lot of people talking about the new Behemoth album released this week called, The Satanist.  I don’t think I need to go much in-depth on what the album has in store for new listeners…it’s probably laced with (insert Church Lady voice) Saaaatan!  Personally, I am behind the power curve on this band, but this Song of the Week has me intrigued to say the least.  It think this is going to be very high on my list of albums to buy soon.  Never mind, it’s downloading right now.  What can I say, I’m easy.  Enjoy the lyric video for Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer.  I threw in Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel as an added bonus if you are not convinced after one song.

Song of the Week: Al Namrood – A Aj Al Safeeh

I love Middle Eastern and Oriental metal. Sometimes it draws entirely from traditional music and sets it metal. At other times it takes Western metal and transforms it by adding traditional instruments and snatches of ancient melodies. Al Namrood does the latter. The band has just released its fourth full-length studio album, Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq, which has been issued as “Arabian folk black metal.” It’s unlike much of the black metal that some of you folks will have heard. It’s fascinating, even if I have no idea what the words mean! I do know that Al Namrood is a mythical god-type being who is very unpleasant.

Song Of The Week: Nerve End – Thrive

I didn’t have to think twice about what song to pick for this week; Nerve End‘s two EP’s have been played almost obsessively every day in my house the past two weeks, and ‘Thrive’ is one of my favourite songs from them. After you press play, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. They are an unsigned four piece metal band from Finland and play energetic progressive/alternative metal with some of the catchiest, greatest melodies I’ve ever heard. Combined with excellent songwriting, interesting arrangements and a vocalist in possession of a very sexy voice, this is a band to look out for. I can’t wait to get my hands on a full length album from these guys!

Song of the Week – I’m Broken

For those of you that know me, you know that I work for the military machine known as the U.S. Air Force.  A lot of things have been going on in my world that I want to vent about.  If you haven’t heard, cuts need to be made.  In addition to a selection of aircraft, 25K people need to go.  I was informed that my records will be “looked at” and a determination will be made later as to whether or not my services will be needed or not.  Yeah, I could get my walking papers with 24,999 other people.  Luckily I have 22 years under my belt so, no matter what happens I will be able to get my retirement and move on to (hopefully) greener pastures.  Yeah, I am one of the lucky ones all things considered, but I would much rather retire on MY terms.

I went to briefing today and left there feeling a little more confused than before I went in.  I felt Hollow inside and for a brief second wanted to Rise up, Walk out, and Live In A Hole.  But, I have a family, This Love, to look out for so I won’t be making any decisions in haste…though I’d love to Piss on somebody.  I was in a room of Regular People with a Mouth for War and I thought it was about to get downright Fucking Hostile as we were told that many of us may get walking papers later this year…those like me with clean records and a solid career of steadfast duty.

As I sit here I can’t help, but think that the corporate machine I work for is By Demons Be Driven and up to No Good.  Cut aircraft, cut programs, but people?  We are the most precious resource right?  It’s nothing more than a Vulgar Display of Power if you ask me.  Well, what is done is done and for now I have to sit on my hands and wait to see if I will be forced to transition to a new life probably in a new place…something I hope works out for the best.   Oh, I forgot about the song of the week.  I guess I rambled. Thank you for letting me vent.  Here is a song I have been listening to a lot lately.  Enjoy and have a great one.