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A quick glance at what we are listening to during a given time period. This was formerly Song of the Day, but has changed to Song of the Week.

Song of the Week: Die So Fluid – Black Blizzard

The Transatlanic trio of Die So Fluid have released this song on video to promote their forthcoming album, planned for release in the US later this year. Die So Fluid is made up of Grog on vocals and bass, Mr Drew on guitars and Al Fletcher on drums. They operate from cities on two continents, namely, Los Angeles and London.

They’ve been together since 2001 and they’re building up a good, slick discography. If their previous work is an indicator, then the new album will be very easy on the eardrums.

Grog describes their music as “the muscle of metal, the angular cheekbones of post-punk and the bittersweet love of grunge.” To me it all adds up to extremely melodic Gothic-based rock/metal, and a joy to hear.


Song Of The Week: Nexilva – Necromancer

Fresh video from the brilliant progressive death metal band Nexilva. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, here is the full album.

Song of the Week: Fragore – Resurrection Nemesis

I’ve really taken a fancy to Fragore after hearing just a few tracks from the debut full-length album, The Reckoning. This is no-nonsense, crisp, immensely catchy groove death metal. It is uncomplicated, played by just three guys from Italy. They combine to produce top-class metal stripped of any frivolous adornments. What you get is irresistible riffs, pulse-driving bass, tight and expert drumming and perfectly moderated vocals. If I’m going  a little overboard, blame it on the music. I love it. I call it all-day music.

The band has been around in different shapes and forms for quite a few years. The line-up has almost completely changed from what it was at the outset. For The Reckoning, Fragore is made up of Davide Nunziante on vocals and guitars, Alessandro Baronetto on drums and Andrea Lorenti on bass.

The album is available from


Song Of The Week: Denied – Three Degrees Of Evil

Here’s a fresh single and video from Sweden’s heavy/thrash metal band Denied, taken from their upcoming fourth studio album “Three Degrees Of Evil”. Catchy riffs, high speed and headbang-friendly choruses. What’s there not to like? Be sure to check it out!


Song Of The Week: Infestus – Devouring Darkness

I made a wish in the beginning of this year, after my music library started being “over-progged”. I wished that 2014 would bring lots of good black metal. For the first two-three months it didn’t seem very likely to happen, but then *BOOM*… I was hit with one great black/blackened metal release after another. ThantifaxathThe Great Old Ones, So Hideous, Dirge, Ifing, Plebeian Grandstand and my latest find: Infestus. It’s a solo effort, released just last month and on Infestus’ Bandcamp page it says “incredible”, “engrossing” and “sophisticated”. All of them are true, very much so!

After listening to the song above, I bet you can’t resist checking out the full album, so here you go:


Song of the Week: The Seer – Abhorrence

This song is the from debut full-length album, Prologue, by a brain-blasting Australian prog death metal band from New South Wales. They released an EP with the same title in 2011. The four members of The Seer – Ryan Huthnance (vocals and guitar), Allan Swaffield (bass), Mark Van Tongeren (drums) and Daniel McInnes (guitar) – have put together a fine selection of highly melodious songs here.

No faffing around. Australians don’t usually go for that, they get down to the business at hand the way their cricket team does most of the time. If you know cricket… er, metal… no, dammit, cricket… this song will either clean bowl you or hit you for six.


Song Of The Week: Vangough – Separation

“And I’ll burn this flesh you made
But it’s just so hard to say
Digging deeper to the core

Come feel what I feel tonight
Where lost souls hide from the light
Hear the silence of my pain
Alone my heart grows dim

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Song of the Week: Arakain – Tisíckrát

It must be difficult to stay with your roots and sound modern at the same time when you’ve been making music for 32 years. One band that seems to achieve this effortlessly is Arakain, not hugely known outside their homeland of the Czech Republic although they’re recorded no fewer than 16 albums. They began as a heavy metal/thrash band in Prague. Their newest album, Adrenalinum, combines power metal and thrash in a set of songs which are overflowing with melody, great riffs, high-speed and creative drumming, as well as nice touches of modern metal. This should appeal to prog metal fans as well as the power, heavy and thrash lovers.

Song Of The Week: Wings Denied – In Search Of Sunrise

A new kick-ass single from prog metallers Wings Denied! Available for free at their Bandcamp page. I will certainly be keeping an eye and two ears out for their debut album coming out later this year!