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Video of the Week: Reality Grey – Define Redemption

Reality Grey, an Italian melodic death metal outfit, released their second full-length album this week. It’s called Define Redemption. Judging by the title track, it’s an album well worth exploring. The band describes it thus: “A mix of technical death metal, fast blasting drums, catchy melodies and light speed guitar solos.”

The band previously released an album in 2006 and an EP in 2008. In the six years since then they have been building a following outside Italy. This album has the potential to expand their audience globally. They’re a class act.

The current line-up is Alex (bass), Albo (guitar), Claudio (drums), Tommy (vocals) and Anto (guitar).


Video Of The Week: Brutai – Flood

Smooth, groovy and edgy; here’s the video for the track  ‘Flood’ written and performed by the very promising upcoming band Brutai. Works well to brighten up a rainy day like this one!

The video was made by a group of young students at The Brit School in London. Brutai’s EP can be found here.

Video of the Week: Exmortus – Foe Hammer

My favourite music videos are the ones that show the band in action. Studio videos like this one fit the bill very well, showing close-ups of the band making magic on their instruments. This track is from Slave to the Sword, the new album by these highly accomplished American death thrashers. I know one reviewer who’s going to ask why Exmortus insists on including stereotypical lyrics like “heavy metal forge of steel,” but I’ll just sit back and soak up the music. *Inserts smiley, then sits back and soaks….*


Video Of The Week: Centiment – Defenders Of Oasis

These guys! Their music makes me happy. Happier than a pig in mud, happier than Dracula volunteering at a blood drive, happier than a poor person winning the lottery! Here’s their new feel-good video with footage from their first live shows and other smiling moments. It’s for the song ‘Defenders Of Oasis’ from their fantastic debut album Streets of Rage that came out in the beginning of this year.




Video of the Week – Seeing Red

IHate is a project from death metal veteran Chris Barnes.  I don’t think Six feet Under is going by the wayside, IHate is a new project of violent death metal that seems to me to be a bit more brutal than the groovy Six Feet Under tunes we have come to know over the years.  Check it out for yourself.  Just a b it of a disclaimer…this video graphically represents death metal nicely.

Video of the Week: Vanden Plas – Vision 3hree – Godmaker

Vanden Plas has been one of my favourite prog metal bands for many years. They’ve been around since 1985 but haven’t pumped out a huge volume of albums, preferring quality and perfection to quantity. Their eighth full album, Chronicles of the Immortals – Netherworld (Path 1), was released a week ago. Judging by the album preview and this song, it’s going to be just as good as their previous work. To me, that makes it an almost certain inclusion in my Top Albums of 2014.

They play what might be called old-school prog metal, the sort you’d expect from Symphony X, Queensrÿche or Dream Theater. Perhaps the band that sounds most like Vanden Plas is another of my favourite prog metal outfits, Kamelot.

One of the most magnetic elements of Vanden Plas is the unique voice of Andy Kuntz. There is an almost theatrical timbre in his voice that sets him apart.



Video Of The Week: Zoax – Bitter Angry Fake

Upcoming release I’m excited about:

Zoax’s EP coming out on the 17th of February!

Zoax from London is the new project of Joe Copcutt (bassist for supergroup Axewound and Rise To Remain) and they’ve created a fascinating mix of post-hardcore, tech metal and melodic rock. Have a listen!

Pre-orders available on iTunes.

Video of the Week: Akb’al – Chapter 4: Equilibrium

Akb’al is a very Mammal-type band, playing a mixture of prog metal and prog rock. The band is based in Cardiff, Wales. Its founding was in 2006, and now Akb’al is set to release an album, …Of Darness And Light, on February 10.

This song is very trippy. The video reminds me of some of the psychedlic posters I used to have on my walls when I was nearly 50 years younger. As for the confused bloke in the video, he is me if I have to wake up before midday.

Video Of The Week: Servers – Universes & Supernovas (The Ride)

I want to share with you this happy pill, to be consumed and enjoyed at least once a day (or more often if needed):

From Servers‘ upcoming debut album “Leave With Us”, released February 24th on Undergroove Records. Exciting! 

Videos of the Week – Lacuna Coil Stuff…

???????????It seems like since the new year kicked in I have been on a helluva binge with a few bands…namely Pantera and Lacuna Coil…the latter being the subject of this week’s Videos of the Week.  I guess all I needed was a subtly planted seed and the binge was on and I can’t stop it.  I tapped into a conversation at one of my regular facebook forums calledI, Author of Despair and chimed in on a conversation about Lacuna Coil.  It mostly revolved around the fact that their older stuff was more appreciated than the new, but Dark Adrenaline was considered pretty good as well.  I went home and loaded up some Lacuna Coil on my iTouch and it has been my background music at work for the better part of a week.

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