Song Of The Week: Vangough – Separation

“And I’ll burn this flesh you made
But it’s just so hard to say
Digging deeper to the core

Come feel what I feel tonight
Where lost souls hide from the light
Hear the silence of my pain
Alone my heart grows dim

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Roundtable Review: Within Temptation – Hydra

downloadLabel:  Nuclear Blast Entertainment

Release Date:  4 Feb 2014

Songs:   18 (bonus version)

Length:  1 Hr, 27 Min (comes with additional video)

Genre:  Symphonic Metal

Studio Albums:  6

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Roundtable Album Review: Le Mur – Sentia Nova

Le_Mur_CoverLabel: Tribal Stomp

Release Date: 8 November, 2014

Songs: 7

Length: 43 minutes

Genre: Trippy space rock

Studio Albums: 1 previous album

Location: Italy

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Roundtable Album Review: Shredhammer – Beyond Your Reach (Demo)

Shredhammer_CoverLabel: Self-released

Release Date: 18 January, 2014

Songs: 4

Length: 19 minutes

Genre: Thrash/groove

Studio Albums: This is their debut release

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Album Review: Steel Panther – All You Can Eat

Steel-Panter-All-You-Can-EatOnce again, Steel Panther is back with the follow-up to their very successful Balls Out release from 2011.  What’s really not to love about this good-time 80s styled hard rock?  All You Can Eat is another round of highly offensive fun, but then again it depends on what exactly offends you.  I mean, I can’t say that Steel Panther is lying or exaggerating in their lyrics.  Seems to me like all these events and situations are certainly plausible or even possibly factual.  They are just very blunt and literal about how they perceive the world.  And, just when you think they will never top a song like Weenie Ride, they come up with She’s On The Rag…to include the alternate (acoustic) version of that bloody song with different lyrics.  There is a good time to be had here.

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Mammal’s Merry memories: Three takes on Sympathy for the Devil

devil-doll-girl-teen-costume2My parents’ generation couldn’t relate to the music of ’60s at all. There were two dominant bands and both were evil. The Beatles grew their hair long (horrible) and John Lennon said The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ among young people (blasphemy, burn him). The Rolling Stones were rough and coarse as well as long-haired, they were loved by motorbike gangs (sex, drugs and rock’n’roll) and obviously worshipped Satan because of this song, released in 1970.

Blood, Sweat & Tears — to my mind, still the benchmark for jazz-rock — fared little better with the older folks. They played modern jazz (you call that music?) and rock (yes, all devil’s music) and this song proved they were also Satanists.

More than 40 years later, it is the majority of my children’s generation that can’t relate to metal (you call that music? again) and includes some who think metal is all satanic. The Czech black/thrash band Törr has confirmed that by covering this song.

We’re all damned, I tell you!



Mammal’s Merry Memories: Boston – More Than A Feeling

Boston was a crossover band before the term came into wide use in music. They embraced classic rock, hard rock and classic prog. Their music was noted for the fullness of the guitars, solid rhythm, beautifully harmonised vocals and the slickness and polish in the production. They were undeniably one of the most musical bands of their era. At times they did slip into schlocky schmaltz, but by and large they were really good.

This song is from Boston, their 1976 debut album. The band went into a hiatus a couple of times over the years, but released their sixth album, Life, Love & Hope, with a new line-up in 2013.




Round Table Review: The Mother of Virtue by Pyrrhon

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: Out Now

Songs: 9

Genre: Tech-Deth

Studio Albums: This is their 3rd album

Location: NY, USA

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Streams of the Week: Metazoa and Dwellings by Cormorant

band_logoI know I haven’t held back my love for the Californian prog metal band Cormorant ’round these parts.  So it should also be no surprise that I’m well-hyped for the release of their 3rd full length album, Earth Diver, next week.  In preparation for the new album, I decided to give their past material a good listen to better hear how they evolve into the new record.  I popped them in last week and pretty much nothing else has found its way into my ears since, especially the album Metazoa.

When I first heard Cormorant it was right around the time the hype machine was promoing their 2nd full length Dwellings and I instantly fell in love with the album.  From the heady lyrics to endlessly engaging musical compositions it has become an album I listen to more than regularly and has been aging more than well, getting better with each listen.  Unfortunately, while I still owned Metazoa, I never gave it the attention I gave Dwellings and therefore was never really firmly grasped by just how freaking outstanding it is.  Revisiting it in a more lucid state has allowed me appreciate how terrific and unique it is.

Compared to Dwellings, Metazoa has a folkier, more aquatic feel compared to the raw and earthen sensation I get from the former.  Tracks like ‘Uneasy Lie the Head’ bleed that battle feeling I get while listening to bands like Moonsorrow and strong melodies heard on tracks like ‘Blood on the Cornfields’ have an almost Iron Maiden goes death metal touch to them.  Seriously every track on the record is diverse and filled with power and passion.  And the same could be said about Dwellings from the horror it weaves with the retelling of a genocide (based on a true story) in ‘Junta’ or the terror of being lost in outerspace on the tune ‘Unearthly Dreamings’ (which at the same time paints a picture of beauty and wonder).

Pretty much, if you dig on prog metal bands like Opeth and want something in the same vein that is wholly original I behoove you to dig into Cormorant.  If you find yourself digging on these albums, you should totally get them (they are ‘pay what you want’ so free if you are really strapped for cash, but I highly recommend the physical CDs as the art and packaging are outstanding and well above par for your average CD release) and pre-order the new one so it’s ready to go next Tuesday.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Roundtable Album Review: Midnight Moonswings – The Surrogate Piano

Midnight_Moodswings_CoverLabel: GodHatesGod Records

Release Date: December, 2013

Songs: 15

Length: 54 minutes

Genre: Post rock

Studio Albums: 1 previous album

Location: Belgium

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