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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2003 / #6 – #4

MetalCatMy goodness, today we have a head-to-head between Angela Gossow, my favourite female growler, and Simone Simons, my favourite metal soprano. That’s just how the sorting worked out.

Black Label Society and Ozzy bring the temperature back down to normal in my office.

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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1999 / #4 – #3

MetalCatI don’t have a favourite genre of metal. The metal tree has branched profusely from the trunk that bore Sabbath’s doom and Maiden’s heavy metal. Just about every one of those branches has produced delicious fruit.

I do listen more to some types of metal, though. Two of the styles that I love greatly are progressive and melodic death. When I was doing my manual bubble-sort of my best songs of the last 21 years, it just happened that the pair of songs that take their turn today are both melodic death, and both come from Sweden.

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Roundtable Review: Arch Enemy – War Eternal

Arch_Enemy_coverLabel: Century Media

Release Date: 10 June, 2014

Songs: 13

Length: 48 minutes

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Studio Albums: Nine previous albums

Location: Sweden


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21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #20 – My Apocalypse (Arch Enemy)

I wonder how much of my bucket list I have completed at this point and should I worry about it now?  Nah, 20 days to go until doomsday and today we have Arch Enemy’s My Apocalypse representing.  This song appears off the album Doomsday Machine which is highly appropriate given the nature of our impending doom.

This happens to be the album that got me into Arch Enemy to begin with.  To this day, still my favorite album from them.  What do you think of Amott leaving the band?  Will he be jobless at the end of the world?  Have a great day!

Themed Thursday – Metal Meets The Zodiac

I am not one to normally contemplate my astrology reading of the day.  I do find them interesting at times and often accurate, but sometimes these things can be so vague that they apply to almost anyone.  As we know, signs of the Zodiac are represented by symbols, elements, planets, and stones.  Why not metal bands?  If you know your sign, you should know what band applies to you.  This is what my research for this theme of the week is going to do.  No longer will you have to say you are Aries symbolized by the ram.  Now, you can say I am Aries represented by Arch motherfucking Enemy.  Here is my breakdown of what band should represent you and your astrological sign.

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Plantera7’s Top-10 of 2011 So Far

This year has been great for metal and I feel the best is yet to come later in the year, namely September 2011.  Housebroken did a great job outlining his top-10 for the first half of 2011.  Let’s see how die-hard metal fans tastes compare and contrast.  Here is my top 10 for 2011, January through June.  I will keep this relatively short since I will be posting a full report on the Big Four sometime this weekend.

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Theme Thursday – A Decade of Thrash

What is your opinion of the standard thrash recipe?  Do you think thrash as become weak over the years, stayed the same, got better, or a little bit of everything?  Does thrash make you want to puke or snap your fingers…snap your neck?  The theme for this week is going to focus on thrash from 2001-2010.  Not so much the bands themselves, but the songs that define the music.  I will cover the last 10 years with a few words on what’s out in 2011 already. Part II of this theme is that all the songs I talk about fit onto one CD-R.  If you like the tunes I picked it makes for a great mix.  I  will let the playlist do the talking and by all means feel free to comment.

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Khaos Legions – Arch Enemy Review

Arch Enemy released melodic brutality upon us today…in my part of the world. 

I found the opening Khaos Overture (instrumental) to be the most disappointing part of the album.  I felt the opening track didn’t have much flow and then ended abruptly.  I felt a more melodic build up would have been more up Arch Enemy’s alley.  Track #2, the first real track, is balls to the wall, and everything you know Arch Enemy to be.  If Arch Enemy is trying to say anything from the song title, Yesterday is Dead and Gone, I get it.  Arch Enemy is not screwing around.  This is ball-crushing Arch Enemy.

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The Enemy is Coming

Well it is 21 May 2011 and the world did not come to an end which is great news because now we can look forward to new Arch Enemy coming out in late May (Europe) and early June (U.S.).  I was perusing my favorite band websites to see what is going on in metal and what I have to look forward to and Arch Enemy is about to release greatness upon the metal world.  You will just have to see what I mean by looking at this concert clip of Khaos Legions, the title track off their upcoming album Khaos Legions.  Peace, Love, Metal!

Sonisphere Festival Update

The final artist list for Sonisphere is complete and they have finally offered day tickets.  You would think that would bring joy to my life, but this is not so much the case.  If you have been following this blog you know that the Big Four is making an appearance at Sonisphere U.K. which is only about 45 minutes from my house.  I have been looking forward to this opportunity and have been patiently waiting for day tickets to go on sale.  Well, today the announcement was made, but with a twist.  They will be holding a ticket eligibility “lottery’ of sorts.  I had to go in and register for which day or days I want to see and then on May 25th I will find out if I have been selected to be allowed to purchase a day ticket.  And if I am lucky enough to get selected to spend 80 pounds for a day pass, they will tell me which day I can go to.

So I chose Friday July 8th because that is the day of the Big Four and I also chose the Sunday the 10th show which features Slipknot headlining and also Opeth, Arch Enemy, and Motorhead; all of which I have never seen live before.  So I MIGHT get lucky and see the Big Four or the other day or I might get shit-nothing.

Whatever happened to first come, first serve?!  I have been looking at that website every day for months now for word on single day passes.  I almost want to boycott the festival and go to Download instead and scream at Linkin Park out of spite.

Well whatever, if I get selected to purchase a ticket I will just let the chips fall where they may because if I get to go I win with either one of those days.  Either I see my favorite bands all in one day or I see other bands I like for the first time.  If I get selected it’s a win win.  If I do not get selected I will technically be a loser and I will be sore about it and you will be the first to hear about it on May 25th.  Stay tuned I might need a shoulder to cry on.  Here are some videos of all the bands metioned inthis article, except Linkin Park.

So what would you do?  Here is the link to the Sonisphere site.

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