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Album Review: Obituary – Inked in Blood

PromoImageLabel:  Relapse

Release Date:  28 Oct 2014

Genre:  Death Metal

Songs:  12

Length:  50 Minutes

Albums:  Slowly We Rot (1989); Cause of Death (1990); The End Complete (1992); World Demise (1994); Back From The Dead (1997); Frozen In Time (2005); Xecutioner’s Return (2007); Darkest Day (2009).

Location:  United States

FFO:  Groove-Oriented Death Metal  Read the rest of this entry

Song of the Week – Convergence

This week, I read an article on Metal Hammer (link here) that guitarist James Murphy is having a relapse of a brain tumor he was cleared of in 2001.  The article originally appeared in Nov, 2011.  I am only seeing this now.   This is really tragic news to say the least.  It got me thinking about how little I know if him.  I knew his work was prevalent in metal, but I didn’t realize he collaborated on so many metal projects.  He has also been a member of bands I am sure you heard of:  Testament, Death, Obituary, and his own solo career to name a few.  This brings me to my song of the week; a song from his solo album Convergence.  Enjoy and keep James in your thoughts.  Metal can’t afford to lose him.

Song of the Day, 2 March 2011- Slowly We Rot

Greetings Metalheads,

I am here on location in Brugges, Belgium covering the Extreme Metal Fest 2011.  Not really, just here on a quick trip.  Luckily, I have internet access, so the SOTD continues without coverage.

Today’s SOTD is “Slowly We Rot” by Obituary, from their first album Slowly We Rot

This is a pretty good tune from a very unique metal band.  This track is also on their live album, ironically called “Dead”.  While I like this band a great deal, I was not too impressed with their comeback album “Frozen in Time”, but the tracks on the live album are great, as well as their “Back From the Dead” album. 

Have a great day, everyone.