Album Review – Helloween – 7 Sinners

I became a fan of Helloween around 20 years ago when I first heard the track “I Want Out” off the Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II.  I think it was Pink Bubbles Go Ape that came out not too long after that and then I pretty much lost track of Helloween.  I still reminisced of the Keeper of the Seven Keys, both parts I and II, but I didn’t get any Helloween albums until earlier this year when I picked up the Dark Ride (2000) and Better Than Raw (1998).  I was backtracking to see how Helloween had been doing and I am glad I picked up those particular albums.  They are both excellent and from what I read about the band, most fans seem to feel that The Dark Ride is their best effort.  That pretty much put me 10 years behind the Helloween power curve.

Because of my Interest in The Dark Ride and Better Than Raw, I was elated when I found out 7 Sinners was about to be released so without question, I downloaded it.  Now you have my Helloween history, here is my review.

This album is excellent to say the least!  With Helloween you never really know what to expect, but there is really nothing wrong with this album.  It’s heavy, fast, metal, sing-along, groovy, and fun to listen to all the way through. I like the guitar solos with this effort.  I would even recommend this to a new Helloween listener.  This album is everything Helloween has ever been and still sounds new and fresh.  7 Sinners will be on my rotation for a good while.  Helloween’s question of the album is Are You Metal?  Well, or course I am.

With 7 Sinners you get a solid hour of metal.  Some of the tracks that stuck out for me are:

Are You Metal?

Who is Mr. Madman?

World of Fantasy

Smile of the Sun

If  A Mountain Could Talk

I give Helloween – 7 Sinners 4 1/2 of 5 Devil Horns

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