Album Review – Whitesnake – Forevermore

Seriously, I am reviewing Whitesnake.  After all the metal that has been reviewed and discussed on this blog I am going to review the latest installment from Coverdale and company AKA Whitesnake.  Why?  Well, it’s simple, I am a product of the decade otherwise known as the decade of decadence, the 1980’s.  Yup, I am that old and I did not forget where I came from.  Before I found my niche in metal with the Big Four and many others such as Overkill and Testament, I was listening to what we now call “Hair Bands” and Whitesnake was one of them…one of the better ones if you ask me.  Some of the others that I still have room in heart for are Dokken, Ratt, Bon Jovi, and OMFG I am going to admit it, Winger!  If I lost credibility I can deal with that, at least I am honest.  I loved the 80’s.  It’s nice to reminisce, but I do love my metal.  I fall back for nostalgic reasons now and then.

Ok so this latest installment from Whitesnake is called Forevermore.  I am not going to get to technical about the music style here because they are an 80’s style band and if you remember anything from the 80’s it was just a fun decade.  Forevermore stayed true to that musical style.  This is classic Whitesnake, very reminiscent of the 80’s sound just more polished and refined.  I like this album pretty much from beginning to end.   There are some good rocking songs like Love Will Set You Free, Dogs In The Street, and the opener Steal Your Heart Away.  Some of the more classic 80’s power ballad style are Easier Said Than Done and Forevermore.  There is also an acoustic version of Forevermore as a bonus track on the bonus album version.

Below is the video clip for Love Will Set You Free.  If you find this song catchy you will probably dig the rest of the album.  I give Whitesnake 3.5 Devil Horns.  Please do not take that rating as a slap in the face.  I am going to start being more stingy with the 4 and 5 ratings…reserved for truly outstanding albums.  This one is good, no doubt and you should buy it if you like Whitesnake now or liked them 20 years ago.  It’s solid 80’s.  Enjoy the video.


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  1. I am 33 but have seen Whitesnake twice, they are a great live band and DC’s voice is very good, IMO better than Dave Mustaine, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Rea, Rob Zombie, Mark Knopfler, all of which are artists I enjoy also, but this guy is a real rock singer and can do it live. I have all his Albums including this one.

    I like this album and agree with the review, its typical snake and up the street of the fans. Cool video too. My fave album is Slip of the Tongue though, as Mr Vai is totally electric on that and fits that sleazy rock n roll perfectly. Still this is no disappointment to my collection. I got this with the special edition of the Classic Rock mag which also interviewed the band and expanded on each songs influences, which made the album more meaningful to savour.

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