Song of the Week-13 Steps to Nowhere

This weeks Song of the Week comes from one of the most legendary metal bands of all time, F’n Pantera.  “13 Steps to Nowhere” comes off of the album The Great Southern Trendkill and shows why Pantera will forever be known as one of the most aggressive metal bands to date.  Highlights on this song is Vinnie Paul’s excellent drumming and as always Dimebag Darrell’s unique brand of guitar abuse.  Contributing to the backing vocals on this song is the recently deceased Seth Putnam of An*l C*nt(RIP, thanks for the extremely offensive but often hilarious song titles and god-awful cacophonous racket you called music you horrible excuse for a musician).

The Great Southern Trendkill was Pantera‘s angriest album and also their most personal with songs tackling Phil Anselmo’s battle with hard drugs, suicide, and straight up hatred for the media.  Along with being the angriest it was also their most experimental album with songs such as “Floods” and “Suicide Note Pt. 1” using keyboards and effects and “The Great Southern Trendkill” going all out with the doubletracking of vocals and an insane amount of guitar layering.

Enjoy, Peace Love and Metal


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  1. Pantera definitely made their mark in metal. I often wonder where they would be today if things were different. This video is great. What do you think of the Pantera spin offs; Hellyeah, Damage Plan, and Down?

    • I think they would have kissed and made up by now, and if not now, in the future. I don’t think they would have ever recorded another album together, but a tour would sound likely to me.
      They only Pantera spin-off I liked was Down, and they are great, I caught them live when they were touring for “A Bustle in your Hedgerow” and they put on a hell of a show. The smoke at the show was so think you could tear a chunk of it out of the air and chew it like bubble gum. At one point someone through a bag of “stuff” onto the stage and Phil started rolling it up and tossing it out to the crowd when he had a break from vocal duties(during solos or instrumental parts). I dig Phil’s other side project Superjoint Ritual in small doses, but after a few songs it gets all samey to me, like Slayer. I saw them live and Phil was lit(and I don’t think he was just smoking). I got introduced to High on Fire at that show and they were really amazing, totally stole the show from Superjoint and were cool guys and drank with the fans during Superjoint’s set.
      Hell Yeah I can’t get into for some reason, it just seemed cheesy to me(and not good cheesy like Rhapsody of Fire), and it was rather bland, I have the first album they put out, maybe one day I’ll go back and give it another shot. Same thing for Damage Plan, nothing really grabbed me about it, maybe I need to go back and give em another listen.

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