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Hey all Metal State readers.  How’s it going?  I thought in celebration of a full year(for me only about a half year) I’d drop a few shout outs to some of the other metal sites on the internet I like to go visit and drop a line to from time to time.  Some are less known than others, but in the end the one thing they have in common is that they are great place to go for all things metal.  Check em’ out and spread the word.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!   Atleastimhousebroken

CoverKiller Nation

CoverKiller Nation is a Youtube channel where you host Mark delivers passionate and insightful review on whats current(and sometimes not so current) in metal.  He does branch out into other genres like hip hop and alternative music, but the main focus is on metal.  While I may not agree with his reviews %100 of the time he always backs up how he feels on a particular piece of music and often gives me a bit of new insight on a record, band, ect.  Head on over to his channel (link below) and join the CoverKiller Nation.

Metal Sucks

This is one of the most trafficked sites I visit.  Since I’ve started reading it some time ago the community on Metal Sucks really exploded, and deservedly so.  While they all have a love for metal, they also love to bash on it and make fun of it.  They can be quite mean at times and very strongly opinionated, but in the end there is always honesty and tons of hilarity and originality(they have an American Football blog written by Dave Brockie(ie Oderus Urungus of GWAR).  They like to cause controversy in their community and going through the comments you get to see some funny stuff people say along with some really intelligent remarks also.  Check em’ out!!!

Angry Metal Guy

On Angry Metal Guy you’ll get some extremely well written and insightful metal reviews along with a dash of humor here and there.  AMG and his constant companion Steel Drumh crank out 3-4 reviews a week and they are constantly well written and as well as reviewing some of the more popular releases they delve into some lesser know territory.  I have discovered a good handful of great band through the words on this site.  I recommend checking it out if you want some good and honest reviews.

D.C. Metal Review

D.C. Metal Review is a neat little site that offers excellent album reviews, metal news with a dash of opinion, and cute little columns on metal culture such as Wasted Wednesday.  Posts pop up a few times a week and are always a great read, check em out!!


On the blog Metalosophy you will get a nice look into metals more popular bands and artists and what’s going on with them in the news and looks into different topics in metal such as religion, philosophy.  psychology, ect.  Head on over and check it out!!

A few other links to check out

Here are some links to a few other metal sites to go check out also.  If you leave a recommendation to a metal site in the comments I will add it to this list here for all to go check out, let us know who your favorite contributors are in the metal blogging/youtubing/rambling community are!!!

Heavy Blog is Heavy

Metal Injection

Angry Black Metal Elitist (this one is hilarious)

Vegan Black Metal Chef (this dude is a genius, highly recommended, Hail Seitan!!!)

Invisible Oranges

Bargain Bin Blogs (Shameless self promo, Plantera and I’s blog on video games)

The Number of the Blog

The Needle Drop (youtube music video review, not always metal, but he’s a great reviewer)


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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus now that I’m back in school. I will be back to posting soon.

  2. No problem, thanks for always reading. School does eat up a good amount of time, hope you’re enjoying it and learning something(other than how to do a keg stand, lol). Looking forward to some new posts!!

  3. School does eat up some serious time not only educationally, but socially. Have fun while you can and someday the hard work will pay off…

    Thank you for reading and also writing. Can’t wait to hear about your next show. FYI, if you are into Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel I believe they will be coming your way soon.

  4. Some of these I knew, others I didn’t, thanks for sharing either way. I be back with more feedback on those soon.

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