Theme Thursday- Band Logos

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager in high-school my notebooks were filled with my doodlings of my favorite bands logos as well as a healthy helping of fictional band logos I made up instead of anything that pertained to anything scholastic.  Along with the most important music of a band, the bands logo can have a lot of drawing power to getting someone to check out your band as well as tell the viewer a bit about of what kind of music they can find behind the logo.  Big bold letters with a big first and last letter, must be thrash metal, logo dripping with blood, death metal, completely unreadable and in black and white, black metal, completely unreadable, one of those new screaming bands(just kidding).  Some bands have a few different logos and some stick with just one, but in the end a good logo can help define a band and are just plain old cool.  Here are some of my favorite metal band logos presented in the style of high-school notebook, plastered all over the place without comment.  What are some of your favorites?  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. I like that Death logo, that’s classic for metal bands. I remember when the cross (the “T”) was inverted before being changed. I had a jean jacket back in the day with that logo on the back.

    I think this ties into the What’s in a Name Theme.” If the logo looks metal enough, it will attract some attention. Iron Maiden is probably the most recognizable script in metal. I am going to have my kids names tattooed on me at some point and that is th script I am going to use for the letters. It represents metal.

    I like the Megadeth logo and have always been partial to Overkill, it was the one I wrote the most on my old school notebooks. It was easy and I liked the depth of green they chose for that.

    Great post!

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