There is Hope for the Youth of Today!!!

I came across this video today and thought it was pretty rad.  Thought I would share it with you all.  Enjoy the most adorable Dream Theater cover ever.  Seriously though, that little girl has some pipes on her.

Some more kids being all kinds of cute and metal after the jump.


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  1. The girl in that first video has some major pipes! She’ll be a great singer someday. It also kind of makes me wish Dream Theater had a really strong female lead singer. Not that I don’t love James, but I guess it’d be pretty damn cool.

    Oh and my wife swears that our kids are going to turn out like the last kid. I can only dream…


    • It would be pretty damn cool if DT used a female vocalist. It worked great for them on “Through Her Eyes” and seeing as they’re in a new phase where they seem more apt to experiment they should definitely look into a couple guest female vocal spots.
      Lol, my wife said the same thing about the Iron Maiden kid. But in the end as long as my eventual little me grows up and can appreciate some good music, metal or not, I’ll be satisfied. Britney Spears and Justin Beeber will be grounds for a serious grounding, lol.

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