Album Review – Megadeth – Th1rt3en

Biased review in 3…2…1.  If there is one word to sum up one of metal’s legendary bands, Megadeth, I would select consistency.  Other fitting terms are:  Technical, heavy, fast, thrashing, understandable, or politically-incorrect.  Megadeth’s lyrics are not sugar-coated for radio play, their guitar work leaves both aspiring and veteran guitarists in awe, and their live set is absolutely meticulous.  All of those terms and attributes are consistent throughout Megadeth’s career.

Would Megadeth’s 13th album with 13 tracks aptly titled TH1RT3EN (Thirteen) pull new punches?  No.  In fact, the punch is in Megadeth’s consistency.  It’s the kind of punch you would expect from Megadeth except it hits a little harder this time around.  After a few spins, the predominant vibe I get from TH1RT3EN is the same sensation I get when I listen to Youthanasia or Cryptic Writings; both stellar albums in their own right.  If you read any of Megadeth interviews up to this point, Dave Mustaine had mentioned that he/Megadeth resurrected some old material that was recorded or at least written during mid 1990’s ara.  Obviously, there are new band members since then and some things have been reworked.  Any long-time Megadeth fan should be able to mentally link TH1RT3EN to those delightful Youthanasia & Cryptic Writings days. 

Let’s get to Megadeth’s strong point; the guitars.  Megadeth is a guitar band and each time I pick up a new album, I look to hear their killer riffs and thorough guitar solos.  Check!  It’s all there.  TH1RT3EN is on par with anything you might expect from Megadeth.    This is NOT a derogatory comment at all.  Right off the bat, you are presented with Sudden Death, a song designed around the guitars created for the videogame Guitar HeroPublic Enemy #1 commences with instantly recognizable Megadeth riffs.  It may sound predictable, but consistency is how I view Megadeth; always hard-hitting, melodic, and heavy on guitars.  The rest of the album doesn’t let up from there nor does it fall flat halfway through.  All 13 tracks are actual songs; no filler! 

After Megadeth released Rust in Peace, they set a lofty standard for the quality of metal they produce.  Megadeth fans, including myself, expect to get a certain level of metal from Mustaine and Co. and hold them to it.  TH1RT3EN is no exception; Megadeth nailed my expectations.  If you listen to Megadeth’s discography, you will NOT see any great departure from their core sound.  Even Risk is not that far of a stretch for the band.  Just go back and listen to Countdown to Extinction, Cryptic Writings, or The World Needs A HeroTH1RT3EN is consistent, not just the sound of the album, but with Megadeth’s career progression.  The new Megadeth installment is the natural progression from Endgame.  With Megadeth’s 13th album, you get exactly what you would expect; the continuous progression of grade “A” 5 out 5 metal. I raise my devil horns high!


Never Dead, my personal favorite on the album.


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  1. A bugbear for me is Mustaine’s voice, which has an irritating Daffy Duck quality. MD may be, as you say, reliable, but I’m really more into bands who push their own boundaries a bit. The new Mastodon, Dream Theater and Machine Head for example. This could have been recorded circa Rust In Piece, or even Peace Sells…, for that matter. I have a sentimental affection for those albums which still sound relatively vibrant now but I doubt I’ll be buying this.

  2. That is definitely a valid point, Dave’s voice is not the band’s selling point. It is unique and an acquired tasts for some. I have been a Megadeth fan for a long time and i think they are one of a few bands that can consitently put out good music. I should have mentioned in the review though, that this album is by far not ground breaking or pushing any particular envelope…it’s just Megadeth. I do like them that way though.

    I think it might have something to do with a closely related band, Metallica, that tried new things and it didn’t go so well for them. I guess deep down inside I fear the same for Megadeth and like when they just do what they do. Maybe the fear of failure or the negative shit Metallica received for St. Anger is holding Megadeth back…from pushing that envelope.

  3. I don’t think it has anything to
    Do with metallicas st anger or whatever the reason why megadeth don’t try a different approach or sound …megadeth aren’t scared they just know that the fans likes em for what they were and are…are straight up thrash and rock band…they are just giving there fans what they know they want and the music the band wants to make…they tried changing a bit in 99 with risk…and to me that was a great album but this is who megadeth are and have allways been this album rocks they don’t need to experiment or change and I hope they never will.!!

  4. Sorry bout the bad grammar and spelling wrote that on stupid iPhone,dam predicitve text!!

    • No worries dude, thank you for stopping by and joining in the conversation. Yes, Megadeth does know what their fans want. 😉

  5. 13 is number 1 on billboards hard rock chart…cant see lulu anywhere i evil??…… yes i am:)

    • Megadeth deserves everything that comes their way. They have been consistent and good at the same time. Metallica still “has it” they just need to stop going off on these musical expeditions and just get back to basics. Good for Megadeth on the topping the chart!

  6. You cant go bad with megadeth! nuff said..(risk not included)

    • I actually liked Risk. Not the best, but there were some keepers on there. At least Megadeth got back on track. It didn’t take them 20 years to figure anything out, you know what I mean?

  7. I have not heard this yet but I got all their CD’s and will get it no doubt. I am not a fan of Dave’s singing but I do like his voice in terms of his evil rants, Chris Broderick is an excellent axeman so this should be some good shredding for my metal hungry ears I am betting.

  8. Im going with friends at their concert tomorrow in Montreal,haha cant wait 😛 Love the new album.Mustaine is a guitar god as always 😀

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