Monday Metal Madness-Touring Buddies

Last week Down took the victory over Hell Yeah in the video battle.  Congrats to them!!

My excitement and anticipation is at an all time high for a concert I will be attending this Thursday(best Thanksgiving ever, maybe).  Two of my top favorite bands, Opeth and Pain of Salvation will be sharing the stage for a night of amazing prog metal in Milan, Italy.  Opeth will be supporting their latest album Heritage with a more laid-back setlist and Pain of Salvation will be in support of their latest releases, the Road Salt set.

Here’s two performance videos from each band and shows both bands in their more rock setting.  Check out Opeth‘s “Burden” and Pain of Salvation‘s “Linoleum”.  For me, picking a favorite between the two is going to be a daunting task.  What’s  your favorite of the two?  Have a great week!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. No contest for me – Opeth all the way. PoS are definitely growing on me, despite being initially discouraged by Scarsick, but I’m finding it hard to really warm to them.

  2. Pain of Salvation are new to me as well. I am getting into them, but it’s Opeth getting my vote. Opeth is quickly securing a rung high on the ladder of my favorite bands. Great poll idea. These guys tour together a lot. Same with Katatonia.

  3. Dan M McGarry Jr

    In this case I’m going to have to go with neither, I am probably the only person on the planet who is not an Opeth fan and PoS really isn’t my style. Glad to hear that Down won though, now it seems I won’t have to follow through with false threats.

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