Reggie’s (Plantera7’s) Top Nonmetal Things of 2011

Other than metal, I do have other entertainment interests.  This is why this (best of) list is titled Top 10 Nonmetal Things of 2011.  I am sure you have other interests outside metal. What are they?  This list includes anything that has piqued my interest throughout the year.  In some cases, the item may not be a specific new release in 2011, but was new to me this year.

10. Pirate Latitudes

This is the book that Michael Crichton never had published.  The reason for that is because it doesn’t meet the expectations of his later works.  I think this might have been one of his first attempts at a novel that got shelved for many years.  After he died it got some help and was released.  It’s basically a pirate story from the depths of the dirty pirate-ridden Caribbean hundreds of years ago.  There is no scientific message or anything that makes you go hmmmm, like you would see in Prey, Timeline, or Jurassic Park.  It’s just a story; I like it, but also the only book I read this year that didn’t have anything to with music.

9. MLB 2K11 (Xbox 360)

Finally, the MLB series received the much-needed tweaks to correct past year’s glitches.  This was actually a pleasant game with much improved mechanics.  I enjoyed creating a player and taking him (me) up to the majors.  The best part was that I only had to play my player’s parts which resulted in games being about 5-10 minutes; perfect for those times I had no time.  I was able to play through two seasons relatively quickly and build my player up enough to carry the Kansas City Royals to the World Series title.  Yeah, that’s right!  I look forward to the 2012 edition.

8. Thor/Captain America/The Green Lantern

2011 was not a movie-going year for me.  I did treat my kids to theater viewing designed for them, but for me there was really nothing memorable other than comic heroes turned big screen.  I do like what directors have done for comics over the years such as Ironman, Hulk, etc.  I clumped Thor, Captain America, and The Green Lantern together since they are similar movies/themes, just different heroes.  I found all three movies entertaining and fun to watch.  I look forward to the build-up collaboration due for release in summer 2011.

7. Hesher

I picked up this movie because all the music contained therein was classic Metallica.  Even the name Hesher on the box cover resembles the Metallica logo.  This won’t go down as an all-time favorite of mine, but it had me thinking WTF throughout the whole movie.  I just HAD to see how it ended.  It’s just one of those movies that seem not possible, but there is resolve for Hesher and the father/son whose life he intrudes upon.   The music is good too and that was a bonus.

6. The Big Bang Theory

This is one of a very few 30-minute TV shows that I pay attention to.  The geeks are funny and blonde next door is hot.  What better mix to spawn comedy?  It’s actually quite an intelligent program with cast members sharing relatively equal roles; it stays interesting.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)

This one didn’t make the list because of its storytelling.  Actually, I didn’t like the story at all. I got lost trying to follow who double-crossed who and what timeline I was conducting black ops in.  This was the first CoD game I was never able to complete on hardened/veteran mode.  However, I played it so much online, I have no choice to put it on this list because of the amount of time I sacrificed playing this game.

4. V-Season 2

I was so disappointed when this series was cancelled.  It was one of the first 60-minute shows I got into since the Lost series finale.  This show has some elements of cheesy, but it was cool and fun to see what was going to happen next. I think the one thing I liked best was its taste great/less filling approach.  In other words, they didn’t waste a lot of episodes on filler crap.  Every episode built upon the next.  For some reason it didn’t get enough viewership and it was cancelled.  Season-2 got as close as they could to cutting of the show properly. I guess alien invasions are not where it’s at on TV.

3. Game of Thrones (HBO)

I am only five episodes into the first season and I love HBOs approach to storytelling.  I know nothing about this series; never read the books.  It has taken me five episodes to just barely grasp all the characters and their role in their respective kingdoms.  The show’s creators do a great job ensuring the back story is told as they move from character to character.  Because it is an HBO special they can do more with the series than TV ever could.  For that I am thankful.  This could easily be #1, but I am only 5 episodes is.  It says a lot to be this high on my nonmetal list with so few episodes viewed.

2. Portal 2 (Xbox 360)

This has to be one of the most innovative games I have ever played.  I have my favorites that I always look forward to, but Portal 2 came out of nowhere and was a complete blast.  The story was great and very witty.  I thought the best part was that I completed co-op with my sons.  There were even a few instances where my sons figured something out before me.  It was a treat to play something other than Lego (whatever) with them.  Portal 2 is a serious brain exercise.  I can’t wait for a Portal 3; I won’t wait to buy it from the bargain bin or at the library.

1. Modern Family

Perhaps the funniest TV show I have ever seen and one of the few I look forward to each week.  What I like best is that they are everyday people who face the same situations everyone else does.  Of course, their approach to things is always in comedic fashion.   The show stars Ed O’Neill who is as funny as he has ever been.  Modern Family mocks reality TV where the fictional characters regularly talk to the camera.  The show isn’t set up in a way that you see TV cameras following the family.  Sometimes it’s just shot from that kind of angle which gives it a reality feel all the while mocking reality TV.  Very clever and very funny!


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  1. I’ve seen a good handful of episodes of Modern Family when I was visiting my family in the States and I loved it. It will probably the next TV series I start buying after I am caught up on The Office and It’s Always Sunny. I love Al Bundy, err, Ed O’Neil in that show and the 2 gay guys crack me up, especially when their interacting with Al’s son.
    I’ve been wanting to watch the Hesher movie, I think I will have to finally settle down and give that one a watch. And that Crichton book sounds interesting, you can’t go wrong with pirates.
    Great list, plenty of stuff here for me to go check out!!!

  2. Good list! I wasn’t to crazy about Green Lantern to be honest but Thor and Captain America were interesting. I actually found myself feeling nostaligic about my grandmother’s WWII stories after seeing the latter. I think my favorite superhero movie this summer was X-Men First Class.
    I have been wanting to see Hesher since I first heard about it but I haven’t been able to yet. I read an interesting article in Revolver describing how Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was based off of Cliff Burton. Glad to see it made your list of top things!
    I watch Big Bang Theory and Modern Family with my father every once in a while and they are definitely entertaining. I’d agree that the gay guys are probably my favorite.

  3. Yeah the “Modern Family” gay dudes are definitely funny. I saw the cast on “inside the Actors Studio” on Bravo. The red-head gay dude is gay in real life, but the other is not. He is a good actor; he plays gay really well. And Gloria really does talk with her accent. I thought that was for the show, but that is how she talks.

    Hesher was a different kind of movie. I think Natalie Portman helps it out a bit. I also read that Levvitt’s characterr was loosely based on Cliff Burton.

    I don’t know if you caught Terra Nova? It was a little too swiss-family Robinson, but my wife said the season finale was pretty good so I might have to check it out again.

    I hope you have a great new year!

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