Album Review- Resolution- Lamb of God

I’m guessing that Lamb of God‘s New Year’s resolution was to create the most energetic and ferocious album of their career, and going by their new album, Resolution, they have stuck to it.  After a couple of pretty good, but not stellar albums after their mainstream breakthrough album Ashes in the Wake, these New Wave of American Heavy Metal pioneers seemed to be on the decline.  Well, the decline they are not on anymore.  Resolution not only grabs the non-believers and punches them in the face, it tackles them to the ground and then proceeds to bludgeon them into the concrete without a shred of remorse until nothing but a messy grease stain is left on the ground.  The new album is a return to form and shows why LoG are one of the leading bands in the metal realm.

On Resolution all the LoG trademarks are still there, Chris Adler’s drumming is complex and furious and complements John Campbell’s attack on the bass guitar perfectly.  Randy Blythe brings nothing but piss and vinegar to his vocals and deluges all his anger out on the mic.  Guitarists Mark Morten and Willie Adler launch all out attacks on their guitars with their percussive blitzes and down south riffing.  No, nothing really has changed style-wise for LoG, so what makes this album stand out from the rest.  Well, on Resolution there is such a bloodthirsty and raw energy throughout the entire album that you can not deny that 178% of their hearts are in this album, and boy are their hearts pissed the f’ off.  This energy is something I haven’t felt from them since New American Gospel.

When I talk about pure energy in a metal album the one band that seemed to capture the essence of modern metal was the legendary Pantera.  Go back and listen to any of their albums and when you’re done, don’t tell me that they didn’t just pump you up full of moxie.  Listening to those albums makes you feel like you can take on the world and take no prisoners, and that’s the kind of energy that LoG have captured here.  No BS, in-your-face, metal passion.  LoG have reached deep inside themselves and found their inner-Pantera and let the beast loose to wreak havoc.  (Disclaimer: I’m a huge Pantera fan).

One complaint I hear often about LoG (and many other bands of their style) is that many of their songs sound the same, and I cannot disclaim that statement at all.  You may be wondering if by the end of Resolution will all the songs just kinda bleed into each other and offer little diversity.  Well, while there may not be as many ‘catchy’ tunes like there was on Ashes in the Wake, almost all the songs on the album stand well apart from their previous track certainly offering an assorted listen.  Each track, with the exception of “Barbarosa” which is a nice harrowing acoustic interlude, is a drop-D riff-fest (and I don’t mean that in a negative way, LoG are one of the few bands that know how to use drop-D properly) with a huge variety of great southern flavored and percussive riffs and soloing, pissed off vocal lines, and break-neck drumming and rhythms.  They do dip into repetitious waters a couple of times here and there, but on a whole you will be too caught up headbanging, moshing, and throwing chairs to even notice.  Stand out songs are “King Me”, “Ghost Walking”, and “Invictus”.

LoG are not only carrying the torch for the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, but they are also using said torch to burn everything down in their path leaving nothing but ashes in their wake (I know, I know.  I couldn’t help myself, lol).  Fans of the band will be happy as pigs in filth with Resolution and many that have jumped off the ship recently will be finding themselves back on board.  And fans of bands such as Pantera who have yet to check out LoG will find themselves quite happy with their purchase.  If this album is any indication to what’s to come for the rest 2012, boy-o, are we in for one hell of a year.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!


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  1. That is a great review and I look forward to hearing the entire album. I never took much to Lamb of God. They do put on a great live show though. I keep on trying with each album and based on this review it sounds like they recaptured some of what they lost along the way. Some of the songs I like from them are much older than what I heard in the last few years. So, I will be checking this out!

    I do like Ghost Walking…and that’s a good start! Great review!

  2. Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow! Only heard two tracks off of it, but was good and didn’t download it. Glad to hear they are still producing quality stuff! – Chris

  3. Hope you guys dig it, it’s been on constant rotation all weekend. Let me know what you thought when you’ve given it a couple spins!

  4. Ok, this is finally it for me and Lamb of God. I am officially on board. I have been listening to this in the office at work and couldn’t really make out individual songs. It’s just not the atmosphere for “listening” to new music. Today I blasted it on my iTouch at the gym and damn…Some good shit!

    Lamb of God was always hard for me to follow, but this one kicks ass!

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