Monday Metal Madness – The Art of Covertunes

Last week, Alestorm proved to be more seaworthy than their American pirate metal rivals, Swashbuckle.  Congrats to the Scots for taking 80% of the votes in last week’s Monday Metal Madness.

This week, you do not need to appreciate these bands to appreciate the covers they recorded.  In my opinion, they are both awesome renditions of classic metal songs although one is much older than the other.  Our battle is between Machine Head covering Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden and UK newcomers Evile covering Pantera’s Cemetery Gates.  Both songs are outstanding; one covered by a veteran act and one a (relative) newcomer.  Only one can win.  What say you?


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  1. Going with MH on this one, partly ‘cos I’m more of a fan of Maiden than Pantera – or I was back in the day – but also because I like their reading of the song which shows respect for a classic rock tune whilst still injecting it with a bit of MH (post)thrashiness. I’ve finally forgiven Flynn for The Burning Red (and mangling Message in a Bottle in particular) back in the ’90s 😉 You’ve probably heard this, you may even like it:

  2. While the Cemetery Gates cover is excellent, no cover can top MH’s cover of Hallowed be thy Name. MH stays true to the original but adds plenty of their personality to it and Robb’s growling vocals on the “Mark my words, believe my soul lives on….” lines just sends the cover over the edge.

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