Album Review: Awakening Sun – Sold Out

There’s no fancy introduction to Awakening Sun’s debut album Sold Out. Brutal War begins only what I can describe as an Amon Amarth meets Six Feet Under dose of death metal brutality…with melody. And unholy Christ it’s good! I normally have reservations when I hear a band for the first time and I know it’s their debut album. I don’t expect much. You never know what kind of production or supervision went into the album’s creation unless you research that first. By the third track, Tomorrow Might Never Come, all of my reservations were gone. I realized this Lithuanian quartet was not just your average death metal band.

Sold Out is fierce and diverse. I like good death metal, but I often find that listening to an entire CD gets redundant due to continual simple, but heavy rhythm. That’s how I felt about the last several albums by Six Feet Under. This is where Awakening Sun’s comparison to that band ends and similarities with Amon Amarth begin. Melody that makes Amon Amarth pleasing to my ear is evident throughout Sold Out. Just when you think you are confronted with a continual barrage of speedy rhythms, they tone it down to a familiar slow-grind death and then back again.

In my personal opinion, introducing melody into a bone crushing death metal band is the key to longevity. It prevents an album from getting tiresome and Awakening Sun have apparently taken note of that. They opted to weave the best of both worlds (death + melody) with their version of death metal. Although I describe Awakening Sun to both Six Feet Under and Amon Amarth, it is merely a comparison to let people know what they can expect.

Awakening Sun’s strong suit is in their guitar work. They employ heavy in riffs, but preclude themselves from overusing the same rhythm for too long. The solos are strong and appropriate in length and frequency. The vocals are deep and punishing and for the most part understandable to the trained ear. Drum and bass do a great job providing the necessary cadence to maximize headbanging. Overall, a talented band musically to say the least.

The ten songs on Sold Out average between 4-6 minutes in length which is definitely suitable for this style of metal. Chimera is the longest song that clocks in barely over 6-minutes. It happens to be one of my favorites on the album with a nice break in the middle with melodic guitar work, then a crescendo into a melodic guitar solo before the strong finish.

I am impressed with Awakening Sun’s first effort. I listened to album no less than three times just to make sure I wasn’t overreacting to something new. These guys are on to something. They do have one video which you can see below. Enjoy and if you want to see read more information about Awakening Sun, click here to visit their website.


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