Mental Metal: Pain of Salvation – Where it Hurts

Here is the first post in a series of many of a new thing I like to call Mental Metal.  Not mental in the way of being crazy, but something more thought provocative.  Here we will take a single song and delve into it exploring its meaning and talking about the subject matter of the song.  For the first post I am revisiting a song by Pain of Salvation called “Where it Hurts” off the album Road Salt 1: Ivory to test the waters and see how this goes over.  So let us know if you enjoy these kinds of posts, and of course we would love to hear your input on the song most of all and hear suggestions for songs you would like us to cover.  So let’s get on with it.

“Where it Hurts” deals with something that all of us are all to familiar with and something that effects us more often that we would like to admit.  Pain.  Not just physical pain, but emotional pain.  When someone touches upon an issue that we are sensitive to we often go into a defensive mode and do what we can to make the pain stop as fast as possible.  Some of us shut down and stop reacting others burst into rage, we all have our unique was of dealing with this and it’s only natural.  If you want to cure the pain and see the ‘wound’ healed you need to experience and work through the pain and deal with the sensitive issues you shy away from when the hurt kicks in.

This particular song deals with that pain that comes from fear of love and to truly accept being loved.  When you truly love someone you let them inside and allow you to touch you where it hurts so they can help you overcome your fears.  Daniel (singer and lyricist of PoS) is showing concern for his loved one and wanting to help so he is asking her to tell him where it hurts so he can help her find peace.  He also exposes his inner-self to her by opening himself up to her to help on the way to recovery.  He also states that he has trouble dealing with seeing those around him in pain and alludes to feeling powerless if he can’t do anything about it.

So, what’s your take?  Music and lyrics after the jump.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Check out the video below, be warned, while a tasteful and excellent work, it is NSFW.  Enjoy!

Tell me where it hurts
So I can reach the pain
Tell me where it hurts
Just pump it through my vein
Be brave and tell me where it hurts

There’s something deep inside
That you don’t want to show
There’s something that you hide
‘Cause you’re afraid I’ll go
But no
Tell me where it hurts

You tell me not to go
Say you want to be my holy grail
And your skin is white like fallen snow
I don’t want to leave my marks
But if I do
Are you brave enough to let me through
To touch you where it hurts
I’ll touch you where it hurts
I’ll touch you where it hurts

And you can touch me
Come on and touch me
Where it hurts

Everyone I know seems to be broken inside
Everybody hurting just from being alive
Touch me where it hurts
Come touch me where it hurts
Touch me where it hurts
Touch me where it hurts
Touch me where it hurts


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  1. Being very interested in human psychology and philosophy, I really like this idea. I find it fascinating that a song’s lyrics can mean so many different things depending on who’s listening/reading. And I also admire bands that write lyrics that actually can be interpreted in many ways, to help as many as possible to “bond” with and find support in their songs.

    I have to admit, I hadn’t even heard the song or seen the video before. But when I read the lyrics (before watching video), I was thinking about someone talking to him/herself. Wanting to heal yourself, scared to find what’s hidden deep inside you.
    Something that you don’t want to admit, not want to show, even for yourself. Instead you hide it, and pretend to be unaffected by it, pretend to be someone else even.
    How can you show where it hurts to others, if you haven’t found it and accepted it yourself..

    “Everyone I know seems to be broken inside
    Everybody hurting just from being alive” – sounds very buddhist to me 😉 Everyone suffers. Suffering is a part of life, and it will pass, like everything else.

    • Thanks for reading. My knowledge of philosophy doesn’t really go beyond what I’ve picked up from Tool songs and reading Jostein Gaarder (whom I extremely very highly recommend reading) and some other random sources I stumble upon from time to time. It’s interesting, so I get a kick out of writing about it.
      Cool interpretation. I wouldn’t have thought of self-exploration. Maybe because I first heard this song on the album where the concept revolves around love between couples my mind went directly to that.
      One thing on suffering, is not to dwell in it too long and revel in it. It will pass, but you have to allow it to pass (and not run from it). Now that I think about it, another way to look at the “Everyone I know…” line could also allude to the singer admitting that he revels in pain and enjoys it inviting others to touch him where it hurts. An admition of wanting to fix this problem but also the will to want to stay where he is. Kind of a masochistic thing (but I don’t think that was his intended meaning, but with PoS, you can never really tell 😉 )

  2. I don’t think you have to have knowledge about philosophy to philosophize, it’s free for every human being to do it 😀
    If anything, the knowledge about other peoples theories can stop yourself from developing your own.

    Yeah it could be a masochistic thing for some people, definitely.
    For others, just a fear of change. It makes you feel more safe to just stay where you are.

    To share pain with others though, can be very releasing. I think it feels difficult because we think we burden other people with our own feelings. When we tell others about our pain, they might think they have to solve the problem causing the pain for us, when we really just want to talk about it and share it. They might think it’s their fault even.

    Like in the song, just touch eachother where it hurts. No expectations, no discrimination, no guilt. Just share it, experience it, and let it go.

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