Themed Thursday – Videogame Downloads

Instead of doing my usual theme on something music-based, I am covering some gaming stuff this week.  Recently, I have accumulated several classic downloadable games.  Do you have extra points left over from your gamer points card?  Never fear, I have a few ideas for you to spend them and have fun reaping the rewards.  Here are some fully downloadable games (listed below) that I found on both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.  If you have some points left over or are just itching to buy a points card and download something that doesn’t cost you $60.00, then check out these games.  All of the games listed below are from 400-800 points on either Nintendo or Xbox 360.  They may also be found on Playstation 3, but I don’t have that console.

Excitebike:  World Rally (Nintendo Wii)

Whenever you feel the need to spend some Nintendo points in the Wii Ware store, check out Excitebike:  World Rally, especially if you grew up playing the classic Excitebike on the original Nintendo.  This updated version was released in 2009 and can be accessed in the Wii shop channel when you turn on your Wii.

The game follows the basic premise as the original.  The graphics are polished and more 3D-looking than the original 2D racer. If you are looking for nostalgic games, this could be it.  It is not wholly revamped in such as way that is new and exciting.  It is basically a tweaked version of the original which provides nostalgic bike racing, jumps, and fun.  Bonus, you can play online which adds another element to the Excitebike experience.  As with the original game, you can create your own tracks and have fun racing on them.

Risk Factions (Xbox 360)

Just like the board game, Risk Factions can make or break friendships.  There are several game play options with this installment.  You can conquer the world or capture capitals.  Certain games make for viable options if you are pressed for time.  With Risk Factions, there are differences between the video game and the original board game.  For example, the factions are Humans, Cats, Robots, Zombies, and Yeti.  There is also an option to gain an extra die for attacking or defending which increases the chance of rolling an Overkill or Super-Overkill.  Those hurt your cause in case you are wondering.   Game play is generally pretty quick.  The graphics are smooth and I was able to find online players which made for a less predictable experience.  The AI was fairly easy to beat, but with real players you never know what they are going to do.  Set aside time for online game play.

Paperboy (Xbox 360)

The ultimate classic!  This was one of the first arcade games I ever played in an actual arcade.  Remember those?  Still as frustrating as the original, your objective is to keep and increase your customer base.  Realistically, much more difficult than it sounds since you have to dodge cars, kids, cats, potholes, burglars, break dancers (1984 baby!) dogs, remote control cars, and bees.  Not to mention navigating the training park at the end of each level.  No matter how hard I try, I still can’t get through a full week.  Needless to say, this game is not tweaked at all.  It is the original game 100% down to the original graphics.  If there is a secret to beating this game, I have not been able to find it.  Many quarters were deposited in this game.

Super Mario Bros 3 (Nintendo Wii)

My kids have taken a fondness for Mario Bros, specifically, New Super Mario Bros for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.  Many road trips were accompanied by the chime of coin collecting coming from the back seat.  Recently, my six-year-old wanted a points card to download a few classic games and maybe a new one.  While looking around I came across Super Mario Bros. 3 which was released in 2007 as a downloadable game at the Wii Ware store.   Personally, I spent many hours playing Super Mario 3 on the original Nintendo.  Although this game is filed under the virtual classics, you do not need the old-style controller (sold separately).  You can use your Wii controller.  This was a hit with my son…who likes to wear blue and red and call himself Mario from time to time.

Switchball (Xbox 360)

Back in my arcade-going days, I used to play a game called Marble Madness.  The objective was to get this marble from point A to point B within a certain time limit.  Of course, there were obstacles in the way.  I thought it was cool because the arcade version used a roller ball to control your marble.  Switchball (formerly Crazyball) is basically a more polished, more in-depth version of Marble Madness.   This is a great puzzle game.  You need to navigate your ball though/around objects, along narrow paths, and get to the end.  In normal game play, you have a time limit.  Otherwise you can play free mode and explore as quickly or slowly as you like.  The graphics are smooth and crisp…probably one of the better downloadable games I have seen.

Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360)

Released in 1992, Mortal Kombat has seen its share of fame and infamy.  One of the most popular fighting games of all time, MK has spawned both movies and lawsuits.  The toughest part of this game was memorizing the button sequence for the finishing moves.  These moves, at the time, were the talk of the town in the gaming world.  I don’t recall anything so violent in videogames back in 1992.  That alone, was a selling point.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  This is one of the only fighting games I really ever played, except for one called Thrill Kill which I think was banned all together (played it overseas).  See clip below.  I never got into Tekken or any other fighting game other than sport fighting such as EA Sports Fight Night.  Downloading MK was a nostalgic experience; however, I need to look up those sequences for finishing moves…to make it all worth it.

If you have some extra points left over, these are some great choices especially if you are a bit older like me and looking for come classics to play.  There’s a ton more out there; enough for another post on this subject sometime down the road.  I hope some of these games brought back some memories.  If you are young and want to know what your parents played when they were little check these out.  The graphics alone will definitely make you appreciate what you are playing with now.  Enjoy!


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