Unearth Unleashes the War Cry

Unearth are one of the few breakdown heavy bands I can really get behind.  When they dive into one of their many breakdowns they do it with conviction and it always fits the context of the song.  They also don’t rely solely on the mosh pit inducing chugs to construct songs as they inject tons of melody and technical prowess into each song.  I consider their 2006 album III: In the Eyes of Fire to be one the best in genre in metal-core and their previous and follow-up records ain’t to shabby either.  Unfortunately, 2011’s Darkness in the Light didn’t get the attention it deserved from me as the insane influx of records coming at the time in made it difficult to give the time it deserved.  I still picked it up, but haven’t given it more than a couple of spins.  Looks like I may have to fix that.

They have just released a cool new lyric video (more on my opinion on those coming next week) for “Arise the War Cry” and have reinvigorated my interest back into this kick ass band.  Check it out and also watch their harrowing official video for “Watch it Burn”. Both songs are off of Darkness in the Light.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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