Twisted and WTF Videogames Pt. I

To say video games are all soldiers, plumbers, and swords would be a false statement.  There have been many a game to come from some wild imaginations, and some of these imaginations are a twisted place not even Freddy Krueger would ever want to visit.  Wether it be twisted from a dark and creepy violent side or more of a WTF did the devs smoke edge, some games don’t have lack for any out of control imaginations.  Here are some of the 5 insane and twisted games I’ve played both of yesteryear and today (more to follow in the very near future).  Hope you enjoy and be sure to let us know what are some of your most favorite sick, twisted, and WTF games are.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

The first place my mind goes when most twisted game ever is brought up.  The game is adapted from an even more twisted and messed up short story by Harlan Ellison by the same name.  The game is a point and click adventure in the vein of famous Lucas Arts games like the Monkey Island series, the story, while still humorous in a sick way, is far from the lightheartedness of its contemporaries.  AM, a supercomputer that was created by man, became self-conscious, learned to hate, and has destroyed the world.  It has kept 5 humans alive for 109 years after the fall of man only to force them to live in constant torture each bearing a fatal flaw that AM plays on.  You play as each of the 5 humans as an opportunity to finally die and end it all and escape AM arises.  You’ll have woman regurgitate food into your mouth so you can eat as well, relive memories of a brutal rape, and traverse a concentration camp among other twisted and f’d up locals.

Graphical limitations do hold back on creating some of the scenes that could have been really disgusting, but allowing your mind to fill in the blanks really helps.  Also, being released in 1995, certain content was cut and altered from the original story to make the game somewhat sellable and also playable.  Harlan Ellison worked closely with the dev team on adapting his story and he also provides some wonderful and over the top voice acting playing the mad A.I. AM.  This game is well worth hunting down and playing.  While out of print, some searches on the internet should lead to some ways to play it.  Check out the video below and see one of the best monologues in video games ever.

Dante’s Inferno

While this game may bear the same name and a few elements from the Dante Alighieri epic poem, there is very little of the source material that survived the adaptation.  You play as Dante and you travel to the underworld to save your love.  While the game is a typical hack and slash bearing much resemblance to the God of War series, what makes this repetitive, albeit fun, game stand out is just how f’d up it is.  Between Dante sewing a cross to his chest to twisted creature designs, Dante’s Inferno is a spectacle in the most twisted WTF way possible.  There’s a boss battle where you face off against a gigantic Cleopatra and she shoots demon babies out of her tits……  Yup, the spinning in Dante Alighieri’s grave is what is keeping the Earth in rotation right now.  Still, for what it is, it’s a fun game if you can find it on the cheap and want a mindless hack and slash.


Let’s see how many of you remember this game.  Abadox was your typical side and top scrolling shoot-em-up but what this game had that all others of the time didn’t is GUTS.  Your home planet gets swallowed up by a giant space alien and you must fly through the creatures body to take the beast down from the inside to save your world.  From an evil spiked duodenum to space crabs you’ll battle a ton of twisted (for its time) creatures as you literally blow that space demon a new one.  Great game to toss in for a great 80’s throwback with plenty of twisted laughs.

Ninja Baseball Batman

Oh those crazy Japanese game devs.  After hearing about this game on The Angry Videogame Nerd I had to get my hands on a copy.  Take your typical sidescrolling brawler that was hip during the 90’s and jack it up on crack and the mind of a twisted baseball super fan and you have Ninja Baseball Batman.  While the Batman has nothing to do with the game it is a blast to play with its nonstop action and WTF moments.  If you have a history with epilepsy and are prone to seizures you may want to skip this game, the rest, game on.

Silent Hill 2

The whole Silent Hill series could be called pretty damn twisted, but it’s the PS2 classic second entry that takes the cake for being the best the series has to offer.  As you guide Henry Mason through the foggy town of Silent Hill you unravel his dark past and creatures manifest based on twisted symbolism of Henry’s subconscious.  The game brings the creep meter off the charts creating some of the most terrifying moments in gaming history.  I’m sure everyone who has played this game will never forget hiding in a locker while Pyramid Head has his way with a mannequin.  With an amazing soundtrack and harrowing graphical aesthetics Silent Hill 2 is a do not miss game.  This game will do more than just mess with your head and make you go WTF, it will genuinely scare the living daylights out of you.


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  1. That’s Dante’s Inferno kind of blew my mind. I thought videogames kind of hit a plateau in the freak department until I played that game. I can’t believe what some of those creators thought of to put in that game. Silent Hill just came out with another game, but I am hesitant to get it just because I thought the first and second editions were the best. I didn’t get Resident Evil either because the preview I saw made it look like a cross between Call of Duty and Left for Dead. I might wait for the bargain bin on both of those.

    Right now I am playing LA Noire and having fun with that. It’s a bit glitchy from time to time, but otherwise pretty innovative and very CSI-like. I hope Rockstar comes out with some new stories like this.

    Great post! It’s amazing how far videogames have come.

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