Album Review: Lullacry- Where Angels Fear

Finnish female fronted band Lullacry returns from a seven-year hiatus with their fifth full length album Where Angels Fear. It’s no secret that I love female fronted bands. I instantly fell in love with vocalist Tanja Lainio’s sound by the time I finished with the first track, “Antidote to You”. Her vocal prowess wasn’t limited to that song either.

Many of the tracks on the album have to do with love or heartbreak and are forcefully propelled by Lainio and reinforced by the band’s heavy, dark sound. It definitely the sort of album that you can play on repeat and rock out to whether it’s in you car or in your basement.

The first single off the album (released February 6th) is “Bad Blood”. While it’s not my favorite I do enjoy how invincible Lainio sounds singing it. I also really like the shouts of “Bad blood” coming from the band members during the chorus.

The one surprise is the song “Stay”. It is an acoustic piece and although it doesn’t have the same heaviness as the other songs, it is just as great. After hearing how strong a front woman Lainio is throughout the entire album I was wondering how she’d fare more stripped down. I found out with this song. Whether she is backed by a full metal band or just acoustic instruments, Lainio is able to sing anything.

The band will be touring throughout the year to support the album. If they’re coming anywhere near where you are, I suggest checking them out!


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  1. Cool song, haven’t heard this band before. At first it reminded me a little bit of the band Sinergy, but Tanja has a very unique sound to her voice, I like it.

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