Song of the Week – The Number of the Beast x2

Lately, we have been inundated with lots of new music from both the pros and from the new guys. It’s great being exposed to some new music. However, today at work I took a step back in time and the first song that came up on my iTouch was none other than Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, hence the song of the week, but this week has a bonus video to go with it.

Germany’s Kreator has a new single up on iTunes. That means a new album is coming our way soon. I listened to it and it was pretty brutal – on my radar for sure. However, I also noticed they did a cover of, you guessed it – The Number of the Beast. It’s a bold move to cover Maiden! A few bands have done very well (Machine Head, Trivium…to name a few). Check out this double dose of an absolute classic. Have a great hump day 😉


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  1. No disrespect to Kreator but theirs is a pale imitation of a metal classic. Dickinson’s distinctive voice and Harris’s bass melodies are such an integral part of those songs it just doesn’t sound right without them.

  2. Although Kreator does add something to call it their own (double bass, etc) I think the best Iron Maiden covers are the ones done as closely to the original as possible (DevilDriver, Machine Head, Trivium). Cool Kreator tried to make it their own though. The new single they released is worth checking out.

  3. Not a bad cover at all, they do the song justice, but it’s like Guls said, the original pales it. Bruce’s vocals just shred the original, that scream…. I have heard some great Iron Maiden covers though, Machine Head taking the cake for “Hallowed be thy name”. I now have my idea for my next Thursday post 🙂

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