Album Review: Burning Point – The Ignitor

The Ignitor is the fifth and latest studio album from Finland’s Burning Point.  When you listen to their power grooves and high pitch vocal mastery, they could easily be compared to the likes of Helloween and other similar bands.  Although forming in 1999, Burning Point has the sense of late 80’s style power metal which is probably why I classify them alongside band like Helloween.  Though, I have to admit I am a bit lacking in power metal knowledge, my list of bands for comparison is minimal.  Their rolling thunder double bass and melodic guitars give these power metallers a hard edge (like battle metal) while retaining melodies that are sing-along song invitations.   After a few years since their last release, the Finnish power metallers have returned with a new album, The Ignitor; surely to kick your power metal pleasure senses into overdrive.

Eternal Flame begins the epic journey with a 40-second, prepare for battle-style intro, before its double bass drumming, keyboards, and tight riffs blast us on a melodic journey of unbridled power metal.  Burning Point keeps up the rapid pace through the first four songs before slowing things down with a power ballad, Silent Scream.  It’s a sing-along ballad that is a nice break in speed and tempo.  Heaven is Hell, which follows Silent Scream, is perhaps the highest-tempo song on the album; a nice return from the mellowness of the previous song.  The vocal style of Pete Ahonen are on par with Bruce Dickinson in that he sings clean and can hit some rather high notes.

The Ignitor is just over 44-minutes of power metal glory.  You are treated with a random assortment of deeply emotional power metal grooves combined with speed and in some cases a battle-metal feel.  None of the songs are over 5-minutes in length, typically hovering around the 4-minute range.  Though it may seem a little cookie-cutter creatively (same song length and formula), Burning Point seems to craft each song to make them stand out from each other. Each song is a separate journey.

Lost Tribe has a strong Iron Maiden vibe.  The bass-line at the beginning (about .35 seconds) of the song reminds me of Stranger in a Strange Land.   I had to go listen to Iron Maiden just to be sure; there is definitely some influence bleeding into this song.  Of course, Iron Maiden is its own beast.  Though Burning Point is more exclusively power metal, you do hear some bits of Maiden influence from time to time.

This is my first experience with Burning Point and based on their forthcoming album, The Ignitor, I now have one more band in my power metal arsenal; which is probably my weakest metal subgenre of all.  It’s perhaps one or two subgenres I do not have a lot of experience with.  Like Helloween, I think the 80’s style infusion goes over well with me since I grew up during most of that decade.  The Ignitor is an album full of headbanging riffs and melodic solos…as power metal should be.

Release Date:  19 June 2012

Label:  Scarlet Records

Nationality:  Finland


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  1. I really dug this record. Like you said, the old school 80’s feel really gives this album a great sound. The Maiden influence helped a bit too 😉
    Great review dude!

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