Themed Thursday: Workout CDs

Now that we are about to enter our 6th month of the year, how are all those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight going?  It’s a popular resolution that most of make and unfortunately fail at.  In the past I have written a few themes with a selection of workout songs I find motivating to help me move along.  Typically, I am a proponent of hard and fast music from DevilDriver, Slayer, or Amon Amarth.   Rarely, I listen to a single album while working out.  I find that at some point the steam dies and I have to flip though my iTouch to find something motivating while trying to run; it’s very distracting.  However, there are a few solid albums out there that I think are great to turn to when you don’t feel like assembling a playlist to exercise to.  Here are my thoughts on this.

AC/DC – Back in Black

This is a multipurpose album.  It’s great to work out to and it’s also great to sit around and have friends over for beer and a BBQ.   Back in Black is one album where every song is pretty much a perfect rock song.  Each one has rhythm and groove and keeps the blood flowing.  This one is probably the go-to album; great for cardio or weight-lifting if that’s your thing.  Some songs are faster while others are heavier so it never gets monotonous.

Megadeth – Rust in Peace

There is really no bad song on this CD.  If you run for about 30-minutes you should be able to finish before Dawn Patrol which is kind of a cool song, but throws me off when I run.  Other than that Rust in Peace is both speedy and melodic; probably the best Megadeth album.

Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time

There are times when I don’t need something entirely speedy to keep me going.  Iron Maiden, particularly Somewhere in Time, is great if you want to run for a long time; you can lose yourself in thoughts with this album.  That helps me personally, so I don’t have to actually think about how long I have been running.  No pun intended with the song Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.  That’s a coincidence, but it is a good running song.

Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God

This is a great album because the tempo changes and you can adjust your cardio workout accordingly.  It starts off fast, but Guardians of Asgaard is more groovy and slow.  Then it gets fast again.  If I ran a heavy metal spin class I think I might just play this CD.  Overall, there isn’t one bad song on this CD and it’s great for either an iron pumping workout or a 35-40 minute cardio session.

Dream Theater – Images and Words

This is the second album on this list to lose yourself in deep thought.  If I am going to run longer than 3-miles I hate to think about what I am doing and an album like Images and Words allows my mind to wander.  You could probably pick almost any Dream Theater album for this purpose, but Images and Words does have a level of heaviness I like during a workout.

As mentioned before, I mostly enjoy making a playlist that I can set to match the style of workout I want to do.  However, when I just want one CD to cover all bases, these are the ones I turn to.  Do you have any whole CDs you like to spin or play on your favorite device while working out?


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  1. Right now I like working out to
    Morgana Lefay – The secret Doctrine, old forgotten metal album with nice groove
    Any Children of Bodom or Soilwork album, they have nice power and speed
    The Safety Fire – Grind the ocean

    or a concept album where I can get lost in the story and not think about that I’m doing boring workout
    Any Avantasia album, if I want to have less aggressive and more happy workout 🙂

    • Funny you mention Soilwork. I don’t own a lot of Soilwork, but I just realized that The Panic Broadcast is a good workout CD. Also, Are You Dead Yet is some good Bodom music.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations 😀 I also have the same problem while jogging ; I put my iPod to shuffle and then the slowest songs play and I get distracted a lot 😛 But the songs you posted are simply awesome 😀 I especially love viking metal songs (like Amon Amarth) or simply folk metal songs (Moonsorrow, Finntroll) ; the songs have got too many motivation that you just forget the pain and keep running and running 😀

    Awesome post!

    • Thank you, I am glad you liked the post. It’s frustrating to try running to songs set at random; you get in the groove and you forget you have Bon Jovi on your iPod…would definitely throw me off.

  3. Nice post! I have always been a fan of Somewhere in Time for running, and like you mentioned, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” in particular. I remember for a while I was using Mr. Bungle’s self titled record for running and changing pace with the music. It was mad erratic, but kept the run fun. These past couple months I’ve been a lazy shit, I need to get back on the workout schedule.
    One of my favorite albums to workout to recently is Sagas by Equilibrium. Listen to the song “Blut em Auge” and try to not tell me that the song doesn’t get your blood pumping to climb the highest mountain.

    @ Irmelnis- Avantasia is great for cardio!! or power metal in general, especially Dragonforce for jogging/running

    • Hey that is a great song. I keep meaning to check these guys out, but… This is definitely running material or even spin class material, but no one plays metal in spin class. I would love it if Maiden remastered Somewhere in Time and some of their other stuff. I am going to have to explore this band soon.

  4. Some great album choices for a workout sessions. Usually I just play my Megadeth or Metallica collections on my iPod. Nothing seems to be better for hitting the gym than some hard and fast thrash!
    Also, I agree with you on Back in Black. I feel like there have been plenty of adrenaline/action/work out montages in movies with AC/DC playing in the background (most notably the Iron Man movies).

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