Wintersun is Coming

Well, it’s about f’n Time (sorry about the lame pun 😉 ).  After a near decade of promising a new album soon Wintersun look like they may be on track to actually release that long-awaited album this year.  And for keeping us fans waiting so long, it looks like founder/frontman/ex-Ensiferum frontman Jari Maenpaa has crafted a double album.  The album won’t be released in one shot, but will be separated by a few months in between to let fans digest each part appropriately.  

Well, I can definitely say I’m totally looking forward to this record.  Let’s hope the 8 year wait was well worth it (it should be, no pressure really).  Hey, Ensiferum is releasing a double album this year too, wouldn’t be cool if Jari is still on good terms with his ex-bandmates, that would be one epic tour I wouldn’t miss for the world.  But, Wintersun is headlining Heidenfest this Fall with Korpiklaani, that’s got my interest.. Here’s the clipping from the band’s website as well as the video of “Beyond the Dark Sun” off their debut record.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Hello friends!

Time for some album(s) news. Wintersun’s “Time” is going to be two albums, titled TIME I & TIME II. We made this decision simply because of few reasons:

– All the 80min of material won´t fit on a regular CD and we didn´t want to cut anything out.

– We want you to be able to hear new material sooner and not wait any longer and we want to go on tour sooner.

– The music is very full and complex, so listening this kind of “hard listening (not easy listening)” material straight for 80 minutes is a bit too much (even for me). Both albums will be approx. nice 40 min epic packages of fireworks.

– We like the idea of releasing two albums within one year, so the band will stay more visible longer, which is important in these “modern times”. No more years of silence for us!

We hope you´ll approve our new little “plan” and support us when the “Time” comes!

The tracklisting for TIME I looks like this:


1. When Time Fades Away
2. Sons of Winter and Stars
I Rain of Stars
II Surrounded by Darkness
III Journey Inside a Dream
IV Sons of Winter and Stars
3. Land of Snow and Sorrow
4. Darkness and Frost
5. Time

TIME I mix is set to be finished by July, mastered in the beginning of July and released in early fall of 2012! TIME II will be released in 2013. Conception of album artworks, videos, live shows incl. rehearsals will keep us busy during the summer and I´ll also continue mixing TIME II meanwhile. We´ll be hopefully posting some videos and teasers during summer. Also some new live show announcements soon, so stay tuned for those!

We can´t wait for you guys to hear TIME I material and play it to you live! Have a great summer!

Jari & Wintersun boys


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