Monday Metal Madness: Iron Maiden Album Covers

Here’s something a little different for you this week.  Instead of videos, let’s go with pictures, namely, album covers, more namely, Iron Maiden album covers.  Created by artist Derek Riggs, Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie the Head has graced every album cover on all of their releases.  Below is the artwork for all of their major releases, check them out and vote for your favorite cover.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

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  1. It was a tough call between Powerslave and Somewhere In Time – epic vistas perfectly suited to the gatefold vinyl sleeve format – though Brave New World wasn’t too far behind either. Neither X Factor or Virtual XI really work for me (the latter is a shockingly bad composition with horrible colours) and whilst I like Dance Of Death as a piece its digitally-rendered style is a bit of a departure from what I think of as the Maiden signature ‘look’. Likewise, The Final Frontier is an ok picture but the character on the cover bears insufficient resemblance to the ‘Eddie’ we’ve come to know, which isn’t right imo.

    • I agree on the 2 Blaze Baily records. Those were the first 2 covers not to be designed by original artist Derek Riggs and boy does it show.
      The Somewhere in Time gatefold is a great piece of art and is worth owning on that aspect alone. So many stories in that picture.

  2. I really liked that Seventh Son cover…I suppose it has something to do with it being really my first Maiden album. I always liked their more standout songs prior to that, but this one was the first one I bought for myself. I like the simpleness of the blue cold background, but then there is Eddie holding his heart…pretty cool! I do like Somwhere in Time also, but I voted for Seventh Son which is also my favorite Maiden album.

  3. Killers is the one I least wanted my mum to see…so it gets my vote…

  4. Seventh Son for me, had the full width artwork framed on my wall, Maiden’s version of Dali’s Persistence of Memory but being haunted by Eddie rather marauding melty clocks! Probably Piece of Mind second, often feel like that poor b@stard..

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