Dispatch are Throwing a Hoedown

OK, Dispatch aren’t really a metal band nor have any metal ties, but whatever, they’re one of my all time favorite bands so I’m going to tell you about their latest news anyways.  Back around 2002 the band had broken up mainly because of reaching a point where they didn’t want to just pump out albums and hit a collective creative dry spell.  They were trying to write together and just weren’t feeling it, so respectfully they called it quits on a high note.  The members went on and started other projects to explore more musical and personal opportunities.  In 2004 they got back together for a farewell live concert that many fans clamored for and put on one of the best shows of their career (which can be seen/heard on the All Points Bulletin record).  Us fans had thought that was it.  But, a couple of years after they did a couple one-off shows for charity and started slowly doing these things more often.

Then last year a splash of good fate crossed them in the form of a blizzard.  While visiting each other they all got trapped in a home together for some days.  During those days they decided to just ‘jam around’ and that jam session resulted in some new music being written and was eventually released as the Dispatch E.P.  Having fun together and what not got their creative juices flowing again and now on August 21st, 2012 they will be releasing their first full length record since 2000’s Who Are We Living For.  The album will be called Circles Around the Sun and the first single/video, “Not Messin'” can be seen below.  I’d say that this is their ‘heaviest’ song ever released and it’s a damn good time.  FYI, music kicks in at 1:30, but the intro is pretty funny and worth watching.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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