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I was hoping to post a new video from Fear Factory this week since they just released The Industrialist.  It doesn’t look like they got around to it yet, unfortunately.  Since I have Fear Factory on my mind and my mind on Fear Factory, I thought I would go with Replica off what I would consider the band’s best album, Demanufacture.

The album was released in 1995, right in the middle of the heavy metal Great Depression.  Fear Factory held on for a while until they disbanded for the first time shortly after then turn of the millenium.  Obviously they are back together again this time with Matt DeVries, formerly of Chimaira on bass.  In case you missed, it they released The Industrialist on 5th June 2012 (review coming in the near future).  Since there no  new video I can find, here is a blast from the Fear Factory past for your video of the week.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!   Next week I will be reviewing my one-off day at Download Festival with Black Sabbath headlining.  Peace!


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  1. Oh man did I listen to Demanufacture a lot during the mid-90’s. The album really holds well today, much better than some of their other material (Digimortal, I’m looking at you). Replica has such a great groove to it. Dino’s no comprimise mechanical riffing really makes this tune really stand out. As well as Raymond Herrera’s drumming, it’s a shame he’s not with the band anymore (nor Gene Holgan 😦 ) and has been replace by a drum machine.
    There’s this whole big fiasco going on between Burton and Dino vs. Raymond and Christian Olde Wolbers. I haven’t really paid attention to the details, but I hope they can patch things up and get the original line-up rolling again. That would be awesome.

    You know what tune I really like off of Demanufacture, “Body Hammer”, best mosh pit song ever. Quick pit story: I was a FF show in NYC and went up to go crowd surfing and somehow I found myself standing on my two feet on top of the crowd. Want to talk about an awesome feeling. In my drunken state I thought it would be fun to try to run (yeah I was that asshole, lol). I made it about 4 steps before I was thrown to the ground and got bruised up a bit, but man, were those 4 steps worth it, lol. The whole time “Body Hammer” was being played.

    • Sounds like an awesome time at that show. We all do crazy things man, I have had my share of crowdsurfing, etc. I know my foot went in many people’s faces. Now I like to watch…as I get older, these things hurt more. I really liked Dog Day Sunrise and Piss Christ, but I think my favorite was New Breed. All in all, a great album. As you, Digimortal did nothing for me…and why would they use a drum machine this time around? Review coming soon, but my opinion might be skewed because of that bit of information.

  2. Demanufacture – not only FF’s best album but one of the best metal albums of all time imo. It’s really the only FF album I can happily listen to from beginning to end without skipping, and I concur with plantera7 Dog Day Sunrise, Pisschrist and New Breed are my favourites too, especially Pisschrist – an amazing song. I do like quite a lot of Digimortal, as well as Transgression and maybe half of Obsolete because they’re albums that seem to be trying to evolve the FF sound. Too much of their output later on just kinda sounds like FF by numbers to me – good but lacking that ‘wow’ factor. As for the programmed drums on the new record I’m not too worried – it seems in keeping with the kinda man-machine sci-fi angle that FF come from; their playing often has a cold, mechanical kinda quality to it anyway.

    • You know, the drum maching thing is putting me off, but you make a valid point, it seems to fit with Fear Factory. It seems like they did a good job making the drums sound like they are something FF would do. I guess it’s just something I can’t get out of my head…knowing that it was done probably with a computer program. I would have liked to know Gene Hoglan was back there, but I guess that didn’t work. The new FF album does remind me in some ways of Demanufacture, so it has that going for it. I do like it better than Mechanize and Transgression. I will get a review up sometime in the near future.

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