Artist Profile: Solace and Stable

Solace and Stable is a progressive metal band from Kansas City, Missouri, USA.  They are currently working on their second full-length album titled The Systematic Erosion of Integrity.  I had the pleasure of sampling three of those songs and based on that, I look forward to the full length release expected for some time in August 2012.  Their blend of progressive with a more extreme style of metal creates an energetic and brutal concoction.  Similar to Between The Buried and Me, their style is harsh, abrupt, yet melodic at the same time.  The vocals on all three tracks are harsh and gritty; therefore, I do not expect to hear any clean vocals like you would hear with BTBAM.   Solace and Stable put forth a more consistent cadence of brutal music with an occasional breakdown for complex guitar work.  The Systematic Erosion of Integrity is one that is going to knock your socks off.

Culture of Corruption is the first song on the sampler and comes off strong right from the start.  In fact, the sampler itself is nothing less than an extreme progressive mix of complicated rhythms accompanied with an occasional blast beat.  One thing I like is the vocal style is a steady stream of grit, no blistering screams that I find annoying with other bands of a newer generation; just a nice harsh style – more like Death metal.  Ok, back to the song; there are some elements that resemble Hardcore and a bit of djent, but because of the frequent tempo changes, Progressive is the predominant genre I am going to side with.  Culture of Corruption is a great introduction to this band if you have never heard them before.

Design and Deceit is just as brutal as the first song.  I noticed a few more blast beats going on here; it’s quite a heavy song with rapid tempo changes, heavy riffing, and a strong, but hasty finish.  There really isn’t anything wrong with the song…I just would have liked to listen to it for a little bit longer because I was enjoying it.  Satisfaction is no less brutal, but it does have a slightly less tempo than the first two songs.  Here, there is a talking lyric part in the middle which gives this song a little bit of character to separate it from the other two.  It is the longest of the three songs at just under 4-minutes and is more bone-crushing versus speedy and complex; my favorite of the three.

For a sampler, the production value was top-notch; sounded just like a well-produced album.  The songs are complex, short, and get to the point.  If these three songs are an indicator of what’s to come, the album is going to sound pissed-off from start to finish.  I, of course, have no problem with that.  According to their MySpace page, they appear to have religious overtones in their music, but claim not to be the kind of band to shove it down a listener’s throat.  Though the lyrics are hard to hear, it is possible to get their message if you have the necessary filter to translate grit into plain English.

I think the addition of clean vocals might complement the album a little bit more, but if they did that it might sound too much like BTBAM.  Therefore, what Solace and Stable is doing now is great.  Their songs are harsh, gritty, heavy, progressive, and melodic.  The vocals are strong, the guitar work is intricate, and the drums are crushing.  The bass does a great job of complimenting the drums also.   All around, The Systematic Erosion of Integrity is promising to be a brutal experience; these Missouri boys are showing up with their A-game.


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