EP Review: The Green River Project

One thing that seems to plague many new metal bands lately is the lack of or absence of quality guitar riffs and solos.  Of course, at 38 I consider myself an old metalhead, but when I use the term “plague” that is just how I view some of these newer bands who have nothing to offer other than blood-curdling screams uncreative looped riffs.  Though emphasis on guitar is not necessary in a metal song, a good guitar solo is a nice breakout, showcases talent, and gives the lover of the guitar something to look forward to.  That is why artists like Mick Priestley give me hope that metal will live on in its guitar riffing grandeur.  The Green River Project is his latest EP which features seven tracks of classic metal guitar riffing artistry.

Right from the beginning, the intro for Dig Your Grave lets the listener know that this is going to be a guitar-based album.  The key indicator for that statement is because the intro it sounds like a Joe Satriani bluesy style of guitar playing.  The song then develops into a metal cadence reminiscent of 80’s style metal (not Hair metal) with catchy hooks and a nice solo breakout until its strong finish.  The keyboards cement that Power metal 80’s vibe; there’s a certain familiarity with that sound that immediately takes me back to that glorious decade.  Not only is it a great song, but it also features Adrian Erlandsson (formerly of Cradle Of Filth), currently with Paradise Lost on drums.

No return continues with tight, fast guitar riffs setting up the song.  Overall, it’s a fast and upbeat song which further builds upon the first track nicely; again, another fine guitar solo mid-song that increases momentum to help end the song.  Enter production value…some talking sound clips introduce the 5-minute + Out of the Dark Below before the keyboards and guitars take the song to a new level of alternating tempos.  This song has breaks featuring slow melodic parts that return to form and then lead up to a lengthy guitar solo that outshines all other guitar solos up to this point…until you get to the end of the EP.  Guest artist on Out of the Dark Below is ZP Theart, formerly of DragonForce.

Flight of the Bumblebee is just under 2-minutes and is entirely built upon guitar solos; a cool catchy song.  Nowhere to Run is a fast-paced which plays nicely after the guitar-driven Flight of the Bumblebee.  It’s a speedy song with quick, tight riffs and a touch of 80’s Power and Thrash metal.  Summer-Presto is another instrumental built mostly upon guitar solos. The Storm introduces a short duration of acoustic playing.  Electric guitar solos are awesome, but being able to play a nice acoustic piece adds strength and demonstrates a bit of diversity.  It doesn’t take long before the song escalates to the more standard speedy rhythm of the EP.  The third instrumental, The Storm, caps off an EP loaded with quality guitar-based music…a nice change of pace from the monotony of drum-pounding high-pitch screams of today’s metal youth.

The overall feel of the The Green River Project took me back to the 80’s, but not to the Hair metal scene.  This is more like classic Helloween with a touch of Iron Maiden.  I also hear a tinge of George Lynch (Dokken).  Something about one of these songs made me think of Dokken’s instrumental Mr. Scary for which Lynch completely shredded; this is a total complement.  I am a big fan of guitar-based music, but setting all biased aside, The Green River Project is a talented piece of Thrash and Power metal grooves that retains that 80’s vibe and still comes out sounding new and refreshing.

Release Date: 1 Dec 2011

Record Label:  N/A Unknown

Nationality:  United Kingdom


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