Song of the Week – Dead Letters

I had something else planned for this week’s Song of the Week, but since Katatonia dropped us a nice little glimpse into their forthcoming album, I decided to put off my plan for today to Friday instead.

Katatonia is about to release their forthcoming album Dead End Kings in August of 2012…just around the corner.  This is a lyric video for Dead Letters they posted today.  Are you a Katatonia fan?  What do you think of the new song?  Enjoy!


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  1. I love it! Reminds me a bit of Opeth’s slower songs. Thanks!

  2. Cool song 🙂 Not overfamiliar with Katatonia – bought Tonight’s Decision a few years back, found it pretty dull and never bothered to try anything else – but this has kinda piqued my interest. Some of the guitar parts and melodies remind me a little of Opeth and Porcupine Tree (Mikael Akerfeldt is good mates with Katatonia isn’t he?) but they’ve clearly got a strong sound and style of their own here. Which albums of theirs would you recommend?

    • If you like this particular style, I would try the most recent albums and go back. I’ll post a clip or two at the end of this post. Jonas Renkse and Mikael Akerfeldt are best buddies and their bands tour together a lot. Together they collaboration on a side project called Bloodbath which is total Death metal. Katatonia used to sing with harsh vocals early on, but Jonas had some kind of problem and needed surery. So on one album, Brave Murder Day, Akerfeldt actually sings on it. Since then, Jonas just sings normal. Though Katatonia is a fairly melancholy kind of a band, they do vary their sounds here and there for more mellow to more metal. Here are a few to see if you like…oh, they are flawless in a live setting.

    • Oh, forgot to mention, I don’t even own Tonight’s Decision. I haven’t gone that far back yet. I only got into Katatonia about 4 years ago….

  3. I’ve just recently gotten into Katatonia (thanks Reggie 😉 ) and I’m loving every second of everything I hear by them. This song is great and I’m now really hyped for the upcoming release!
    @Guls: I’ve’nt heard all their albums, but so far Last Fair Deal Gone Down is my top recommendation.

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