New Band Alert: AxeWound

I have been reading about this band AxeWound for some time now.  I saw they were put in a good position at Download Festival (different day than when I went), so I thought I would finally give them a spin.  Their two main members hail from Bullet For My Valentine and Cancer Bats – Matt Tuck and Liam Cormier respectively.  I am a fan of BFMV, but not too familiar with Cancer Bats.  Either way, the article I just read on my digital copy of Metal Hammer featured an article about them and it promised to be heavier than what both BFMV and Cancer Bats creates in their bands.  Matt Tuck of BFMV stated that AxeWound is heavier than anything he could or should so in his main band, so this is a nice side-gig for him to express his musical desires.   That was enough to sell on getting my butt to YouTube for a listen.

Well…yeah they are probably heavier than what you would hear in BFMV and my limited knowledge of Cancer Bats.  But is it good?  It’s not bad on the first listen.  I need to allow myself to get adjusted to the vocal style, but the music is pretty crushing.  The vocal style seems more fitting for a Hardcore band, but I do like the ferocity of AxeWound.  It appears for now that this is a side-project…so we’ll see how far this goes.  I haven’t read anything about BFMV or Cancer Bats hanging it up.  I think it’s worth checking it out.

Do you think people expect too much from collaborative projects?  Set aside the pedigree of AxeWound, would you like it better if these guys were nobodies?


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  1. I’m in the same position as you about Bullet For My Valentine and Cancer Bats, perhaps a bit less enthusiasm for the former, so I approached this warily. I’m nearly done on the first song, and it’s not half bad. The melodic bit in the middle is a bit off-putting from the true “hardcore” experience, but as an overall metalcore package it ain’t too shabby.

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