EP Review: Seven Deadly – The Allegiance

Rising up from the ashes of a now defunct band called Panic Cell, Seven Deadly formed in September 2011 after a show at Sonisphere and quickly released their first EP, The Allegiance, on 14 May 2012.  The four-track EP is a promising beginning for Seven Deadly who is a relatively straightforward no frills metal band.  They already made an appearance at the UK’s Download Festival this year which is impressive considering they have been an established band for only about 9-months. To give you an impression of the influences I hear in Seven Deadly, think Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Bullet For My Valentine – catchy hooks, both  clean and gritty vocals, and head banging riffs.  The thing I like about Thrash bands is that they tend to ensure each song has at least some form of a guitar solo; Seven Deadly certainly meets that requirement.

Blood on your Hands is the first track and immediately kicks things into overdrive; definitely coming out swinging with upper cuts.  We are immediately introduced with tight riffs and a guttural growl.  Once the brutal intro is over, the gritty vocals remain for the first verse before clean vocals make their appearance at intervals throughout the track.  Seven Deadly seems to balance the dueling styles of vocal pitch just right; neither one being extremely dominating over the other.  Also, neither vocal style ventures too far low or too high-pitched.

From This Darkness starts off in a similarly brutal fashion, but then levels out to a really catchy Thrash song.  Clean vocals are a bit more dominating in this song which balances out from Blood on your Hands.  On a full-length album, I would image this would be the third or fourth track following a brutal beginning, but on an EP there is only so much time to showcase your ability so it’s good to have some diversity in the songs.  Allegiance has a nice riff intro followed up by a brutal growl – a great beginning to a song; the riff alone is enough to get your blood pumping.  The beginning of the song is sung in clean vocals which is the predominant style for this song.

The final track, End of All, is a well-balanced song, probably the one on the CD that is the least abrasive and would probably do well with radio-play.   About halfway through, the level of ferocity slows down for a cool melodic section that carries it to the end.  All in all, a good track to finish up an EP that really came out kicking and screaming.

The four songs are well-produced, The Allegiance EP sounds great.  Seven Deadly used their vocal diversity well on these four tracks; with some songs having more gritty vocals and others having more clean vocals and yet, some songs having equal amounts of both.  They never kept it the same; therefore, adding depth to their 4-track EP.  The guitar work seems tight, the solos are crafty, and the overall feel of the EP is one that will move a crowd and keep the blood pumping.

Release Date:  14 May 2012

Record Label:  Unknown or Unsigned

Nationality:  United Kingdom


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