How Did I Miss New Music From Clutch!?!?!

So, I was browsing fellow music blog Andenochrome Music (great stuff, check em out!) and became privy to the fact that there was a new song by Clutch now available as a digital and physical single.  Well, I grabbed that ASAP, and the tune, “Pigtown Blues” is a straight up rockin’ Clutch tune.  Nice bluesy feel with enough rock to get your body a-movin’, much like the tune “Gravel Road”.  Check it out and grab the single for yourself.  Now, Clutch, it’s been 3 years, where’s my new album, eh?  Lol.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!
PS.  The actual single sounds muuuuuuuuch better than the recording in the video below, but I really dig the fact that they recorded from an LP player for the video.


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  1. I like the vibe of that song…can’t wait for the new album to come out!

  2. One of these bad boys came flying through my doorflap this morning and I can confirm its mint! Really high quality press, artwork looks great on it. NF

    Also- Can’t wait for the new album to come out! [2]

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