Cut Some Rug with Korpiklaani

The Finnish booze happy folk metal band have a new video out in support of their upcoming record Manala which hits stores on Aug. 8, 2012.  “Rauta” has a nice bass driven beat and groove to it perfect for a night of grog swilling pub dancing.  Check it out, it’s as fun as a barrel of drunken monkeys.  There is also the English language version of the song called “Steel” which has been released to promote the collectors edition of the album which will come included with a CD with all the songs translated into English.  Personally, I dig the Finnish version a whole lot better.  It just has such better flow.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. I also prefer the Finnish version of the song. Honestly, they didn’t have to translate the songs to English, a lot of the international fans are more interested in the Finnish vibe of their songs.
    Nevertheless, I think this album is gonna be really good! There is already mixed criticism from the fans since the band changed its style a bit but I think they are still fun and still kicking ass 😀

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