Song of the Week: Into the Pit

After taking leave from Judas Priest, legendary metal frontman Rob Halford started up a heavier and edgier band that went by the name Fight.  Their debut record War of Words is one hell of a beast of an album with a heavy focus of merging thrash metal and groove metal.  It’s almost like having Slayer blaring through one speaker and Pantera through the other, both turned up to 11.
“Into the Pit” is the first track off that debut record and it gets right to the point as to what Fight are about.  Rob Halford wastes no time reaching for the glass shattering high notes and Scott Travis’s (Judas Priest, Racer X) drumming adds mad drive to the tune.  And that awesome thrash riffing and soloing, guess who that’s played by.  On guitar is Russ Parrish, also know as Satchel from the excellent hair metal parody band Steel Panther.
I got to see Fight live in 1996 and man, you should have seen the pit at the show when they played this tune.  Ultimate mosh pit song, quite possibly so.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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