Artist(s) Profile (Five Bands)

For this post, I am going to take some time to highlight five bands that have come across our inbox.  Due to time constraints (we have wives & lives) and the sheer volume of requests, I thought I would take this time to talk about these unsigned or barely signed artists.  The five bands/artists below cover a wide range of metal subgenres:  Folk, Doom, Progressive, and a mixture of multiple genres.   They all have something to offer, so check them out!

My Own Chaos

My Own Chaos is a female-fronted band from Vancouver, Canada.   They blend a more traditional style metal with Thrash.  They dip into other genres from time to time (Hardcore, for example), but maintain a relatively straightforward vibe.  My Own Chaos has independently released their debut self-titled album which you can sample here.   Currently, they are about to embark on an extensive Canadian tour for pretty much the entire month of July 2012 which will take them from coast to coast.  You can check out their website here and sample some of their music here.  Below is a clip of Instinct to Exist.

Wings Denied

Wings Denied self-released their EP, Awake, in May 2012.  Based in Washington D.C., Wings Denied incorporates a mostly progressive sound with a bit of Djent and Atmospheric elements.  They list their influences as Deftones, Periphery, Tesseract, and Devin Townsend.  I would have to say that is a very accurate picture of what you can expect on Awake.  Their three-song release is nearly 18-minutes of complex tempos and arrangements.  You can check out their facebook page here.  Check out the embedded download from Bandcamp below.

Akem Manah

The epitome of Doom metal, Akem Manah defines the genre.  The Oregon-based band formed in 2009 and takes Doom metal back to its roots; slow, deathly, and haunting.  I can hear some parallels with Black Sabbath (except for vocals).  You will probably also notice some similarities with My Dying Bride.  Their forthcoming EP, Demon of the Sabbat Pt I, is set for release in October 2012.  Currently, Akem Manah’s latest full-length album, Night of the Black Moon, was released in March 2012.  It’s is well over an hour including one 28-minute long song called Into the Darkness. You can check out a YouTube clip below and also go to their SoundCloud site here and check out new and older Akem Manah tracks.

Davey Suicide

Almost immediately, you can see that Davey Suicide is influenced by the likes of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.   They have a visual appearance similar to that of Murderdolls and Black Veil Brides.  Probably the most polished band on this post, Davey Suicide is about to tour with Static X on the Noise Revolution Tour throughout the U.S. in July 2012.  You can see from the video below, they have more production value at their disposal.  Their music is relatively straightforward metal that falls in line with the listed influences above; a bit heavy, groovy, and all around rockin’

Cryptic Age

Cryptic Age blends Celtic Folk styles with their metal.  The vocals are on the higher-pitched range which adds a cold haunting feeling to the song.  The music is slightly progressive, but mostly standard metal tempos.  In the middle of the song, Sounds of Infinity II:  Eternity Beckons there is a cool guitar solo.  Overall, well-arranged musically with a cool rhythm, some double bass drum, and of course Celtic Folk infusion.  You can check out their song here.


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