The New Hammers of Misfortune Video Gives Me Motion Sickness, But It’s All Good

It took the San Franciscan prog metal band Hammers of Misfortune five albums to finally get an official video out there.  In one sense that cool, let the music build the picture.  In the other, well, I just like music videos.  Their new video for the title track off 17th Street is pretty cool and has a lot of shaky and fast camera movements.  It fits the song well and is done in a cool style.  If you haven’t checked out HoM yet, I abhor you to do so if you consider yourself a fan of prog rock.  They are one of the most criminally unknown bands out there today (I guess their deal with Metal Blade Records is helping them come to the spotlight a bit more and get the recognition they deserve).  Anywho, check out the video and let us know what you thought.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. I can see these guys opening for Dream Theater. I probably mentioned that before, but I will say it again anyway. Their style of prog would contrast with Dream Theater and make for an interesting evening. The video is cool, but you are right, I feel like I am going to fall out of my chair.

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    Goooood Sound!!!!

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