New BTBAM Song!!!

Hells Yeah!!!  The first real taste of Between the Buried and Me’s upcoming album The Parallax II: Future Sequence is here.  If you didn’t like BTBAM to begin with chances are this won’t change your mind.  If you’re and established fan, get those tissues ready 😉

The song is called “Telos” and the word ‘telos’ is derived from the philosophy of Aristotle, being the Greek meaning of ‘end’, ‘purpose’, and ‘goal’.  Simply speaking, meaning the end of one purpose.  You can bet that after some of the complex themes that were introduced on 2011’s The Parallax: The Hypersleep Dialogues and the philosophical themes of their previous work, that this album will have a good amount of fat to chew on.  Anywho, check out the tune and let me know if you’re as excited for the new BTBAM album as I am.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!





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  1. I’m not excited! Because I still can’t seem to “get” this band’s music! But I want to….. 😛
    It sounds like a mess to me… I can’t find the flow in their songs, or is that the point? There is no flow, or very hidden flow? Haha.. I don’t know.

    This song you posted here was actually easier listening than their other tunes I’ve checked out.

    • For me BTBAM is about beauty within chaos, extreme duality. To me, I hear the flow as the chaotic part of the band melds wonderfully with their structured end seamlessly. They also have a way of conveying emotions in a way I can really relate to them. Here’s the video for my favorite song by the band (possibly favorite song ever). Listen to how well the pure chaos births the beautiful and emotional music by the time the song reaches its end. Lyrics are worth hunting down too, some great writing.

  2. Hmm okay. I think I understand better now. The way you describe it made me listen in a different way. “Mordecai” gave me goosebumps!
    It wasn’t as hard to get as “Telos”, for me. Thanks for the advice, I’ll give them more listening-time. I’ve realized that some bands require concentration and lyric-studying before I can fully get their music.

    • What you really need to do is start at the beginning. Start with BTBAMs first album. Listen through that. Then listen through The Silent Circus, then Alaska, then Colors, then The Great Misdirect, then The Parallax. Listen to them like that. All the way through. It’d take you somewhere around 5 hours or so, but it’s so worth it. These guys have changed and yet somehow stayed the same over the years. To me, they’re the best band that I’ve ever heard. The way they can tear through your soul with the insane beat changes, sudden breakdowns, and beautifully complex guitar riffs, and then somehow have a serene beauty beneath it all. On top of that, their pieces are beautiful in parts as well. Listen to the guitar tracks, bass tracks, and drum tracks all separately, and it’s still something immensely beautiful. Then put them together and you have something that will damn near make you cry.

      One of their songs that has just blown me away:

      • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and a song! I love bands that I can’t understand at the first 10 listens, I’ll happily put time into it 🙂

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