EP Review: Dire Necro Cerberus

Dire Necro Cerberus released a self-titled EP that incorporates various styles of metal from Blackened to Death and Thrash with a touch of Djent.  The six songs cover about 21-minutes of brutal, yet artistic metal.  Injected within the viciousness of their songs are short Djent-style guitar solo bursts that remind me of something you would hear on a Between the Buried and Me or Periphery album.   Things get moving along at lightning speed and before it gets predictable they prove they can, in fact, carry a tune and demonstrate that by short bursts of mini guitar solos.  It’s a nice touch to show that they are not all about just being brutal all the time.  However, there are no guitar solos at any significant length.  They do take things a step further by giving the bass some freedom.   At the end of My Divine Damnation, there is a pretty cool Primus-like solo to help bring the song to a strong finish.

A few songs have a bit of production value that adds a bit of depth to the EP. My Divine Damnation has some crafty piano work to start off the song and Cerberus opens with an orchestra-like ensemble similar to something you might hear on Symphonic Black metal album; really cool and a little scary sounding at the same time which I think is the overall intention.

The double-bass drumming is brutal and maintains a rapid machine gun cadence that lasts for a large percentage of each song.   At times it seems like it drowns out other things going on, but it’s still quite impressive to keep up that pace for so long.  Though the EP quite fierce in nature, Dire Necro Cerberus seems to take the time to inject melodic touches as appropriate to prevent the album from feeling like it’s a few riffs looped together and repeated at blazing speed.  Their self-titled EP is a cool dose of death infused with a bit of production that makes it a pleasure to listen to.

Release Date:  20 June 2012

Record Label:  Unsigned

Nationality:  Italy


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