Theme Thursday – Pit Music

Back in the day, going to a show was priority and when we got there it was all about good friendly violent fun.  The mosh pit; the epicenter of all that is angst was the place to be to let off a little steam.  I remember one of my first pit experiences fondly.  It was (almost positive) on August 19th 1990, at a dive club called “The Channel” in Boston, MA.  I think this may have actually been my first club show.  Death Angel was the headliner supporting their album Act III and opening for them was another bay area band, Forbidden.  We also saw a couple of local bands – Cardinal Sin and Atomicaust.  The pit was an intimidating sight to see – all that hair, sweat, and movement.  People were diving off the railings; it was complete chaos…the kind I wanted to be a part of…and so I jumped in with both feet and off I went.  Needless to say it was a marvelous, exciting, and bruising time, but damn I felt good…so good that I remember that show to this day down to the six other people I went with…we all crammed into a small Hyundai I think – one dude in the trunk for the hour-long trip to Boston and then back.  That’s the shit we did to get to the show and get into the pit.

After many years, bloody noses, and sore necks it’s just not for me anymore.  As I push 40-years old it seems more painful than anything.  Now, I prefer to just watch the band.  As far as I am concerned, all the metal bands I used to mosh to have gotten better at playing live over the years, so it’s a treat for me to watch them actually play.  Occasionally, I stand on the border of the pit, but no longer get involved.  I am happy to see some things haven’t died though-people seem to be having fun in their circle pits.  For some of you older readers, do you think pits have changed over the years?  Let’s discuss.

Today’s theme is about songs dedicated to the art of mosh pits.  I have seven to present to you, some with videos and some are live.  Either way, they are dedicated to something metalheads perfected – the pit.  If you know of others, by all means share it by posting a clip in the reply box.  Enjoy!

This song may have additional meanings, but when Testament plays it live it’s dedicated to the pit.  This is song has a very self-explanatory title.  Gotta love Testament for keeping it simple.

I never had a chance to be part of a DRI pit, but I am sure it must be completely chaotic.

I managed to be on the edge of a Sick of it All pit once and it was pretty brutal, but that is the price you pay when you want to be up front for the band next up after Sick of it All.  I always liked this hardcore outfit.  In this video they both demonstrate and poke fun at metal show dance technique.

This is another one called Into the Pit and probably has other meanings.  But, to the metalhead Into the Pit means exactly what is says.  This is the first song of the first album, War of Words, when Rob Halford left Judas Priest for a solo career.  Do you recognize the guitarist?  It’s the guitarist in Steel Panther.

This may be the first song I ever heard that was dedicated to the pit.  The Toxic Waltz is also one of the best named pit songs.

Evile is one of the newest bands on this post and it didn’t take them long to recognize the pit by writing the song Thrasher which has been profiled several times on Metal State.  The video is pretty cool in its simplicity.  For a new band this has a cool American Thrash vibe.

And for the last video, I actually found this doing a search on YouTube for mosh pit music, literally.  I am surprised anything actually came up and this is actually pretty good.

So, what is your impression of mosh pits today?  Do you get in them, watch them, or avoid them? It seems like things have changed a bit since my glory days.  I can’t quite pinpoint it, but if I were 17 again, I am not sure I would get involved.  I hope you enjoyed this theme of the week.


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  1. Ha! My days in the pit seem a long time ago, too. Jumping off the stage and trusting a bunch of sweaty, pissed-up apes to catch me – what was I thinking? Must be getting old, ha, ha!

    Reading this post reminded me of a post in another wordpress blog I subscribe to which struck a chord and quite amused me. Here’s a link:

    • That was a pretty cool blog post; some other neat articles there as well. Ya, I only did one stage dive at Pantera back in the 90s. My take away from that was I got to stand on stage with Dimebag for a very brief moment. Now, I like to watch. You going to any shows in the near future?

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