Video of the Week: Take My Bones Away

All of us here at Metal State are currently quite enamored with the Baroness double L.P. Yellow and Green.  It’s the kind of album that just transcends genre and offers something for fans of all kinds of music.  Pretty much, if you have yet to check the record out, I highly suggest you do (there is a stream of the full album on my review a couple posts back).  Riding the hype wave, Baroness have released the first official video for the rocking song “Take My Bones Away”.  At first glance it may seem like the GA boys have taken a step back in the video production dept. by just doing a live footage video.  But when put in context with the raw, personal level of the album the song is from, the up close and personal footage fits the song and motif of the record perfectly.  Still, I hope for a follow-up video they create one of the surreal videos like they have done in the past, there is definitely some great material on the record that could inspire some beautiful A/V work.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

More videos after the jump.

Bonus Videos

Felt like posting the rest of Baroness’ catalog of music videos for you  viewing pleasure.  They’re all pretty neat.  Check ’em out.

Here’s the video for “Wanderlust” off of the band 2007 full length debut Red Album.

And here’s the video for “A Horse Called Golgotha” off of 2009’s Blue Record.





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  1. I love it, love it love it!

  2. Awesome!!

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