EP Review: Mylai Massacre – Nuclear Gorilla

Mylai Massacre is a one-man band with something to say.  Based on their song titles; Government Warmachine, United States of Terror, and War Pushers, it is evident they are dissatisfied with the current world situation and want to sing about it.  That’s okay; times like these make for good angry metal; it gives people ammunition for song fodder.  Throw in some brutal riffing, speed, and guttural vocals and you have a nice recipe for music that will surely get a crowd moving.

Nuclear Gorilla is the name of their new album.  Their songs are short, to the point, and pack quite a punch.  Clocking in at about 17-minutes, Mylai Massacre were able to squeeze in seven songs; the longest at 3:08.  There is no room for filler or fancy riffing, the music is sheer brutality for which they have done an admirable job.  Convert is the only song on the album with any morsel of a toned-down approach.  It ends up sounding like Black Sabbath meets Napalm Death which are interesting styles to blend – Doom and Grindcore.  Mylai Massacre made it work.

United States of Terror and Convert are the only songs where I could hear vocals sung in a normal-style albeit briefly.  I thought that if this were the overall vocal style of the band it would still be good.  The guttural stuff works quite well, but whoever recorded those particular vocals would probably benefit the band by taking on a more active role, in my opinion.  If they were recorded by the same vocalist, then he has a valuable skill set as a lead singer.

Overall, production value is a bit lacking; the recording is a bit raw, but not bad for a self-released album.  The bass seems to snuff out the vocals a bit, but that doesn’t mean the music doesn’t kick any less ass.  The only other gripe I have is that despite the songs being short, some of them seem to cut off at an odd time.  I was actually getting into them and they seem to abruptly end.  I always felt the same about Napalm Death.  It gets good; it builds up, then ends.  Mylai Massacre is definitely on to something with their style of metal.  They utilize a good amount of Doom metal to build up to the explosion of speed and angst.  Nuclear Gorilla doesn’t last long, but when it’s over you feel like you got your as kicked.

Release Date: 27 June 2012

Record Label:  Humid Records

Nationality:   United States, South Carolina


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