Album Review: Holy Knights – Between Daylight and Pain

Between Daylight and Pain is the latest release from Power metallers Holy Knights.  The Italian-based band created eight pulse-pounding songs of epic glory.  Their style is reminiscent of Stratovarius and Helloween with a pinch of DragonForce (for speed); not bad comparisons if you ask me.  I am sure there are more Power metal bands to compare to, but these are the ones I know best.  The album lasts for about 42-minutes and is a rollercoaster ride of speed, melody, and the vocal majesty that Power metal bands are known for.

A short orchestra piece opens the album enchantingly before double bass drum erases any semblance of peacefulness.  Mistery is the opening track which is both melodic and fast-tempo.  The track maintains a fairly speedy cadence before slowing down to a more orchestral form that epitomizes Power metal.  During the song there are numerous breaks for guitar solos, sing along choruses, and melodic interludes.  Frozen Paradise continues with its blazing speed and crafty guitar solos.  Just when you begin to think this song is too much like the first the song slows down to a more finger-snapping rhythm ¾ of the way though.

The drumming is solid.  The overall tempo is controlled with fierce, yet rhythmic drumming.  When things tone down a bit the drum work always seems to be the key to bring things back up to a speedier rhythm.  The guitars do a great job of maintaining a great beat while also treating us with numerous solos throughout the entire album.  The vocals are strong and understandable.  They are what you would expect with a Power metal band…think of the bands I listed above.  They keys inject the melodic touch that is also quite prevalent in Power metal and does a great job with the orchestral and atmospheric arrangements that appear throughout the album.

Though all of the songs are catchy and follow a standard Holy Knights technique, one notable song is 11 September.  It begins with a chilling piano introduction and an atmosphere in the background that sounds as if you are there that day.  For about a minute, the song takes you back to that day.  The overall tempo of the song is less speedy, but more rocking.  It is less reliant on double bass drums and focuses more on heavy riffing.  Though the subject-matter is of a dark historical event, the music in this song is some of the most creative on the album.  There is more varied instrumentation on this song than any other on the album.

Overall, this is a very solid Power metal album.  Each song is carefully crafted to take you from highs to lows and back again.  The vocals are strong and majestic while the musicianship is tight and melodic.  Between Daylight and Pain is a collection of powerful songs that will keep you listening from beginning to end.

Release Date:  26 August 2012

Record Label:  Scarlet Records

Nationality:  Italy


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  1. This is pretty cool. It also has a hint of Rhapsody in there with the symphonics and vocals. Solid release and great review!

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